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Advice to those who are seeking effective cancer treatments

It is easy to gain knowledge.  But it is not always easy to apply the knowledge you acquire to solve your problem.  This needs some intelligence, experience, skills, and guts!

There are many very effective cancer treatments including the conventional cancer treatments like radiation, chemotherapy and others.  The problem is,

1) they kill cancer cells but also healthy cells.  This hurts patients.  When a cancer is destroyed, which requires lethal doses, the patient might have already been dead!

2) When an effective treatment is used in low doses, which make cancer patients feel better, the treatment can do more harm than good.  The treatment essentially trains cancer cells  to become more aggressive and ultimately become resistant to the treatments.  As a result, cancer patients have to wait to die a painful death.

Cancer treatment is not only about what to use, but also how to use. Unfortunately, 99% of oncologists could not provide the best treatments because they do not know

1) What dose is best for a cancer patient. For instance, doctors rarely prescribe anticancer drugs, based on the patient’s bodily specifics, and

2) and how to treat a cancer.  For instance, oncologists rarely use a combo of multiple drugs simultaneously to treat a cancer.  Single drug does not work as well as 4 or 5 or 6 drugs work simultaneously.  Oncologists cannot create their own protocols which could get them into trouble.

For these reasons, conventional treatments cannot provide a sustainable efficacy against a cancer if they are not used together with other means such as nutritional support or other alternative treatments.

Alternative treatments have the same problems.  So far more than 2000 natural anticancer agents have been discovered.   On the market, a few dozens are already available?  But how many cancer patients could benefit from those alternative cancer treatments?

Many cancer patients die after they use conventional treatments.  Many cancer patients die after they use alternative treatments.  Many die after using both types of treatments.

Because of all those reasons, long-term survival is not easy, particularly of those who suffered stage 4 cancer or a cancer that has been metastasized to other organs.

Cancer patients can’t become an oncologist in just a couple weeks or months, not to mention the odds to beat their cancer.  They do not know what treatment is best for them.  Even experienced oncologists die from cancer when they are diagnosed with cancer and treated with the best medications.

Cancer patients need to do a lot of work to attain a long term survival.  Cancer patient who have survived are often those who are not patients doctors like to see.  They challenge their doctors, they are not satisfied with what their doctors provide, they seek help from other sources, and they succeed!  The way how a cancer patient behaves can indicate his odds of survival.







癌症治療不僅在於使用什麼,還在於如何使用。不幸的是,即使是 99% 的腫瘤學家也無法提供最好的治療方法,因為他們不知道

1) 對於特定患者的癌症,哪種劑量最合適。例如,醫生很少根據患者的具體情況開抗癌藥,以及

2) 以及如何治療癌症。例如,腫瘤學家很少同時使用多種藥物來治療癌症。單一藥物的效果不如 4 種或 5 種或 6 種藥物同時組合使用。腫瘤學家無法創建他們自己的治療計劃,這可能會給他們帶來麻煩。


替代療法也有同樣的問題。至少有 2000 種天然抗癌劑已被發現。在市場上,已經有幾十種了嗎?但是有多少癌症患者可以從這些替代癌症治療中受益?



癌症患者無法在短短幾週或幾個月內成為腫瘤學家,更不用說戰勝癌症的機率了。 即使是經驗豐富的腫瘤學家在被診斷出患有癌症並接受最好的藥物治療後也會死於癌症。

癌症患者需要做很多工作才能獲得長期生存。 倖存下來的癌症患者往往不是醫生喜歡看的患者。 他們挑戰他們的醫生,他們不滿意他們的醫生提供的服務,他們尋求其他來源的幫助,他們成功了! 癌症患者的行為方式可以表明他的生存機率。

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In the course of our research, we found many great websites that published valuable alternative cancer treatments and cancer remission testimonials had disappeared because the owner passed away or the sites for whatever reason were abandoned.

If you invested a lot of time and effort on a website like that, and you wish the content on your website remains accessible to the world even after your death or something beyond your control happened, please let us help you.  We would like to store your web content, and release it under conditions you specify.


如果您在這樣的網站上投入了大量時間和精力,並且您希望您網站上的內容即使在您去世或發生您無法控制的事情后仍然可供全世界訪問,請 讓我們幫助你。 我們希望存儲您的網絡內容,並在您指定的條件下發布。

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