61-year old famous actor Xie Yuan dies of heart attack 著名男演员谢园突发心脏病去世,享年61岁

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Heart disease is an easy illness that everyone can prevent. It is all about the lifestyle and dietary habit. If you can follow a healthy diet, your risk for cardiovascular disease/heart attack/stroke is almost zero.

Unfortunately, many people are too busy living their life, making money and pursuing career success. Rarely do they think about their health. It does not take too much time/effort to reduce a person’s risk for diseases like heart disease.

In a sense, it is a personal choice as to how to die and when to die.

心髒病是每個人都可以預防的易患疾病。 這一切都與生活方式和飲食習慣有關。 如果您可以遵循健康的飲食習慣,則罹患心血管疾病/心髒病/中風的風險幾乎為零。

不幸的是,許多人太忙於謀生,賺錢和追求事業成功。 他們很少考慮自己的健康。 減少人患心髒病等疾病的風險並不需要太多時間/精力。


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