AstraZeneca covid 19 vaccine halted due to links to blood clots 欧洲停止阿斯利康covid 19疫苗,因为它可能会引起血块

Editor’s note” On April 13, 2021, USA also recalled covid 19 vaccine made by Johnson/Johnson as it causes life-threatening adverse effects like blood clotting.

編者註” 4月13日,美國還召回了強生公司生產的covid19疫苗,因為它們會導致致命的不良反應,例如凝血。

A dozen of European countries including Italy, France and Germany has stopped use of covid 19 vaccine made by AstraZeneca. The vaccine maker and WHO defend for the vaccine saying that there is no evidence to prove that the vaccine trigger blood clots.

(WHO has been promoting use of other vaccines whose development was funded by some billionaires in Africa and India and cause deaths and infertility. WHO is not your life savor!)

Reports from other countries like Japan show that covid 19 vaccines can cause deaths.

包括意大利,法国和德国在内的十几个欧洲国家已经停止使用阿斯利康生产的covid 19疫苗。 疫苗生产商和世界卫生组织为疫苗辩护,称没有证据证明该疫苗可引发血液凝块。 (世卫组织一直在非洲和印度 促进使用其他疫苗, 并导致死亡和不育. 这些疫苗的开发是由一些亿万富翁资助的。世卫组织不是您的生命拯救这 !) 日本等其他国家/地区的报告显示,covid 19种疫苗可能导致死亡。

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