Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease with Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D. 預防和逆轉心髒病

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn is one of the physicians who have recognized earlier than many others that following a plant-based whole food low fat diet can completely prevent or even reverse cardiovascular disease. Just keep in mind that this diet is not just about what you eat. As always, what matters also include how you prepare your foods and how and when you eat them.

Caldwell Esselstyn博士是其中一位比許多其他人更早認識到的醫師,他們認為遵循植物性全脂低脂飲食可以完全預防甚至逆轉心血管疾病。 請記住,這種飲食不僅與您的飲食有關。 與往常一樣,重要的還包括您如何準備食物以及如何以及何時食用。

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