Could sodium bicarbonate kill cancer cells? 碳酸氢钠可以杀死癌细胞吗?


Tuesday June 9, 2020 ( – – Some people believe sodium bicarbonate can kill cancer. A recent study conducted by Frank Gertler and colleagues at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and published in the journal Cancer Research in 2019 reveals some evidence suggesting that theoretically it is possible to use sodium bicarbonate to kill cancer.

有人认为碳酸氢钠可以杀死癌症。 麻省理工学院的弗兰克·格特勒(Frank Gertler)及其同事进行的一项最新研究于2019年发表在《癌症研究》杂志上,揭示了一些证据,表明理论上可以使用碳酸氢钠杀死癌症。

It has been known for a long time that cancer cells use glucose to make ATP – a chemical that stores energy in a very inefficient way and as a result, they produce a large amount of lactic acid, which is why cancer patients often feel fatigued.


Many scientists believe the generation of lactic acid an an acidic environment is driven by a condition called hypoxia – lack of oxygen in cancer cells. When cancer cells have no sufficient oxygen, they are forced to follow the inaerobic glycolysis process which makes a lot of lactic acid. Inaerobic glycolysis is a normal backup process that is used by normal cells when oxygen is getting low in cells. Oxygen is needed for aerobic glycolysis.

许多科学家认为,酸性环境中乳酸的产生是由一种称为缺氧的状况引起的-癌细胞中缺氧。 当癌细胞没有足够的氧气时,它们被迫遵循无氧糖酵解过程,这会产生大量的乳酸。 无氧糖酵解是正常的备用过程,当细胞中的氧气逐渐减少时,正常细胞会使用该过程。 有氧糖酵解需要氧气。

The MIT researchers found Lactic acid made by cancer cells is stored inside of the cells and also extracellular space between cancer cells. So both tumors and stroma that surrounds the tumor are acidic.

麻省理工学院的研究人员发现,癌细胞产生的乳酸不仅储存在细胞内部,而且还储存在癌细胞之间的细胞外空间。 因此,肿瘤和肿瘤周围的基质都是酸性的。

This acidic environment leads to the formation of proteins that prompt cancer cells to metastasize to distant organs and tissues.


According to a MIT press release, sodium bicarbonate containing drinking water was proved to be effective in neutralizing the acidity of tumors in mice. And studies have found that sodium bicarbonate is able to reduce metastasis in mice. But the press release claims that this potential therapy does not work well in humans because humans do not tolerate sodium bicarbonate well.

根据麻省理工学院的新闻稿,含碳酸氢钠的饮用水被证明可有效中和小鼠肿瘤的酸性。 并且研究发现碳酸氢钠能够减少小鼠的转移。 但是新闻稿声称这种潜在的疗法在人体中效果不佳,因为人体不能很好地耐受碳酸氢钠。

It has been reported that when sodium bicarbonate solutions are highly effective when directly injected into tumors.


Whether or not sodium bicarbonate can be used as a cancer treatment depends on the dose. If cancer patients cannot tolerate the effective dose, then this method does not work. But if they can tolerate it, then sodium bicarbonate is an effective cancer treatment. Sodium bicarbonate is commonly known as baking soda, which is dirt cheap.

碳酸氢钠是否可以用作癌症治疗取决于剂量。 如果癌症患者不能忍受有效剂量,则此方法无效。 但是,如果他们能够忍受,那么碳酸氢钠是一种有效的癌症治疗方法。 碳酸氢钠通常被称为小苏打,其价格便宜。

Some cancer patients get their cancer under control by simply drinking baking soda solutions. But anyone who wants to try this method needs to be warned that overdoses can be harmful. On the internet, some websites offer the instruction on how to use baking soda to fight cancer.

一些癌症患者只需喝小苏打溶液即可控制自己的癌症。 但是任何需要尝试这种方法的人都必须警告,过量可能有害。 在互联网上,一些网站提供了有关如何使用小苏打对抗癌症的说明。

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda was first used as a cancer treatment by some person in the United States named Jim Kelmun who was also called Dr. Jim. Dr. Jim was not any doctor. But Dr. Jim’s protocol – consisting of baking soda and maple syrup received media attention as hundreds of cancer patients claimed they were helped with this cancer treatment. This is Jim Kelmun Protocol.

碳酸氢钠或小苏打在美国首先被称为吉姆·凯尔门(Jim Kelmun)的人用作癌症治疗,他也被称为吉姆博士。 吉姆医生不是任何医生。 但是吉姆博士的方案(由小苏打和枫糖浆组成)受到媒体关注,因为数百名癌症患者声称他们在这种癌症治疗中得到了帮助。 这是吉姆·凯尔蒙协议。

(Cited from the report “Mix one part of baking soda with three parts of maple syrup, stirred briskly in a small saucepan. Heat it for 5 minutes, Take one teaspoon daily, as needed


Editor’s comment: Dr. Jim’s protocol involves use of maple syrup. And maple syrup heated with baking soda can be converted in part into some other chemicals. Recent studies show that compounds in maple syrup can actually help fight cancers like colon cancer. High pH is in favor of stabilizing an oil-in-water emulsion and promotes use of fatty acids. Johanna Budwig believes that all cancer cells have one feature in common, which is the accumulation of unsaturated fat. High pH may facilitate the oxidation of fatty acids and generate lots of ROS to kill cancer cells.

There is quite some story about Jim Kelmun. Kelmun started studying home remedies since 1954. He learned his baking soda/maple syrup protocol from a lady who had four sisters die from breast cancer by age 50. The lady was the only survivor among the five sisters. She told Kelmun that the only thing different in her diet when compared to diets used by her sisters is baking soda and maple syrup. And she liked sipping baking soda and maple syrup. Kelmun, a former truck driver figured that this must be something so he tried it on some cancer patients and he found it worked in many cases. He claimed that he gave the protocol to more than 200 patients with terminal cancers and at least 185 of them survived for more than 15 years. When news on his healing miracle broke, he was already 75 years old.

The Kelmun protocol is based on sodium bicarbonate. The dose of sodium per day according to the formula is 1.2 grams of sodium per day. This is quite a bit. For cancer patients, it remains unclear how much sodium a patient needs. But it is known already that too much sodium can make the cancer more aggressive. For that reason, some cancer survivors do not use salt for their cooking. On the other hand, potassium is generally deficient in cancer patients’ diet. It is logical to replace sodium bicarbonate with potassium bicarbonate. The replacement will be 1.2 parts of potassium bicarbonate to 1 part of sodium bicarbonate.

Sodium bicarbonate with dimethyl sulfoxide help relieve cancer pain

Ba X. Hoang, Dao M. Tran, Hung Q. Tran, Phuong T. M. Nguyen, Tuan D. Pham, Hong V. T. Dang, Trung V. Ha, Hau D. Tran, Cuong Hoang, Khue N. Luong & D. Graeme Shaw (2011) Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Sodium Bicarbonate in the Treatment of Refractory Cancer Pain, Journal of Pain & Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy, 25:1, 19-24, DOI: 10.3109/15360288.2010.536306

Sunday 06/21/2020 – ( – Authors report a study of 26 patients with terminal cancer who suffered severe pain to show that intraveious injection of a dimethyl sulfoxide/sodium bicarbonate solution can help relieve pain and improve quality of life in all patients.

The researchers suggest that this treatment can “be a viable, effective, and safe treatment for refractory pain in cancer patients.”

Cancer pain can result from cancer the disease per se and treatments alike and it manifests in the last days of patients with terminal cancers. According to the authors, the pain experienced by terminal cancer patients could not be relieved with the treatments recommended by recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) guideline.

Often at this time, conventional treatments could no longer be able to help these patients and the only thing doctors can do is send them home and wait to die a painful death.

Sodium bicarbonate helps patients with advanced pancreatic cancer live longer

06/21/2020 Sunday – ( A study shows that pancreatic cancer patients who drank a sodium bicarbonate solution lived much longer than those who did not.

In the study, 11 men and women lowered their urine pH to 7.0 or higher by taking 3 to 5 grams of sodium bicarbonate per day while 17 others could not get their urine pH above 7.0. As a result, those who had the higher urine pH survived 16.1 months, compared to 4.7 months. This is a huge difference! The dose 3 to 5 grams per day is similar to what the Kelmun protocol suggests – 3.65 grams per day.

The study was conducted by REO HAMAGUCHI and colleagues at Japanese Society on Inflammation and Metabolism in Cancer, Kyoto, Japan and published in the journal Anticancer Research in 2020.

Acidification of intercellular pH can slow down tumor growth

Now is it not just the increasing of extracellular pH can help fight cancer. Studies now demonstrated that using certain small molecules to increase the inter-cellular pH in the tumor can slow the tumor growth.

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