Dietary treatment defeats Merkel cell carcinoma


A 58-year old white man was diagnosed with Merkel cell carcinoma in August, 2006. The cancer had already metastasized locally.  He received radiation therapy and in two months, a PET scan shows no evidence of disease.

6 months later as a routine exam, a PET scan shows that the cancer has metastasized to the liver. The diagnosis was confirmed with MRI.  Because of the cancer location, surgery and radiation therapy could not be used to treat the disease.  Because of the poor outcome with chemotherapy and the significant side effects of the chemotherapy, the patient refused to continue receiving any conventional treatments.

The patient started exploring possible immune stimulating and alternative treatments.  He started using somato-emotional release therapy.  He began taking dietary supplements including vitamin C, a multivitamin, CoQ-10, turmeric, probiotics, and cod liver oil.  He also took 500 mg of a mushroom supplement called Stamets 7 mushroom formula produced by Fungi Perfecti.  Additionally, he took Flor Essence to cleanse the liver and colon.

Other dietary interventions include avoiding meat, eggs, and dairy foods and eating organic brown rice, beans, and sautéed vegetables.  Probably even more importantly, the patient drank freshly prepared organic vegetable juices made of carrots, spinach, beet greens, kale, a beet, and Swiss chard, twice a day.

Five weeks later, an MIR revealed complete remission of the liver cancer.  Since that time, he had remained free of cancer for 53 months while still following his diet and taking supplements strictly.

This case was reported by Natalie Vandeven and Paul Nghiem in Merkel Cell Carcinoma. (Dr. Lu)

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