Actress Kelly Preston Dies of Breast Cancer 女演員凱利普雷斯頓死於乳腺癌

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Kelly Preston is a prolific American actress. News broke that she died at age 57 on Sunday July 12, 2020 after battling her breast cancer for 2 years. She had received treatments from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, the arguably best cancer hospital in the world. Unfortunately, this famous cancer hospital is unable to save her.

凱莉·普雷斯頓(Kelly Preston)是一位多產的美國女演員。消息傳出,她在與乳腺癌抗爭了兩年之後,於2020年7月12日星期日去世,享年57歲。她已經從德克薩斯州休斯頓的MD安德森癌症中心接受了治療,這可以說是世界上最好的癌症醫院。對於凱利和許多其他癌症患者來說,不幸的是, 這家著名的癌症醫院無法挽救他們的生命。

Many cancer alternative treatments are effective and readily available yet so many cancer patients either do not know about them or they do not want to try any. They blindly trust the “orthodoxy” cancer centers and believe they can do better. Deadly misconception! Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy were deadly toxic 100 years ago and they are still deadly today and tomorrow. The fact is, the cancer industry has no intention to develop a cure to eradicate any cancer. The best they want to do is, turn cancer into a chronic disease so that cancer patients will have to take their treatments forever.

許多癌症替代療法有效且容易獲得,但是卻有許多癌症患者不了解或不想嘗試。 他們盲目相信“正統”的癌症中心,並相信他們可以做得比替代治療更好。 致命的誤解! 手術,放療和化學療法在100年前是致命而沒有長期療效的,今天和明天仍然是致命而沒有長期療效的。 事實是,癌症行業無意開髮根除任何癌症的療法。 他們要做的最好的事情就是將癌症轉變為慢性疾病,這樣癌症患者將不得不永遠接受治療。

In the U.S., half men and one third of women are expected to be diagnosed with one cancer or another sooner or later in their lifetime. Cancer is becoming the number one killer in the affluent country where every resident pays more than $10,000 every year for medical expenses, the highest in the world. Yet, the lifespan for Americans is lower than that of the Japanese who pay about $4500 a year. Many people never thought they would develop any cancer. They never proactively pay attention to cancer prevention. If they did, they may be able to reduce their risk for many cancers.

在美國,預期有一半的男性和三分之一的女性會在一生中早晚被診斷出患有一種或多種癌症。 癌症正在成為這個富裕國家的頭號殺手,在那裡每個居民每年支付的醫療費用超過10,000美元, 世界最高。 但是,美國人的壽命比日本人的壽命低。 許多人從未想到他們會患上任何癌症。 他們從不主動關注預防癌症。 如果這樣做的話,他們可能能夠降低罹患許多癌症的風險。

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