Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer Survivorship | T. Colin Campbell, PhD (2007) 饮食,营养和癌症生存| T.柯林·坎贝尔(C. Campbell)博士

Key points
Animal protein and fat at any level are dangerous.
Fat intake of 10% or less can prevent cancer
Plant protein of 10% or less can prevent cancer.

A healthy and safe diet should contain 80% carbohydrates like fruit, vegetables, grains and other plant-derived foods, and about 10% plant fat and around 10% plant protein.  For cancer patients, they  may need control their plant fat and plant protein each around 5 to 8%.


健康安全的饮食应包含80%的碳水化合物,例如水果,蔬菜,谷物和其他植物性食品,以及约10%的植物脂肪和约10%的植物蛋白。 对于癌症患者,他们可能需要将其植物脂肪和植物蛋白控制在5%至8%左右。

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