More and more young people get cancer | 越來越多的年輕人患癌症

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They already predict after six years or so, 100% men and women will get one or more cancers.  How they know this for so sure?  Some theories claim that many man-made chemicals, medicines, environmental pollutants and artificial foods are the cause for the ever-increasing cancer incidence. Worst of all, many suspect that some people who want to depopulate the world might be working hard behind the scene having done something that cause the increased cancer risk. 

Trust God, but never sinful people. 

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他們已經預測,大約六年後,100% 的男性和女性都會患上一種或多種癌症。 他們怎麼這麼肯定地知道這一點? 一些理論認為,許多人造化學品、藥物、環境污染物和人造食品是癌症發病率不斷增加的原因。最糟糕的是,許多人懷疑一些想要減少世界人口的人可能在幕後努力工作,做了一些導致癌症風險增加的事情。


From breast cancers to blood, and bone marrow to gastrointestinal, and reproductive organ tumors, early-onset cancers have become nearly epidemic in younger age groups: a whopping 30% for myelomas alone, and 45% for colorectal cancers.

In the adolescent and young adult ages spanning 15 to 39, the rates have gone up 20%. And the worst part of all is that experts can’t seem to pinpoint why. One suspected cause is more aggressive screening and earlier detection which, according to Archie Bleyer, a clinical research professor at the Knight Cancer Institute of the Oregon Health & Science University, could be resulting in overdiagnosis.

In other words, Bleyer wonders whether some cases are being diagnosed much earlier than they used to be when the bodily part in question never may have been diagnosed as cancer at all, had it simply been left alone.

According to The Hill, Bleyer says “the screenings have detected tumors and masses in those organs that ‘look like cancer, so they’ve got to call it carcinoma … they ‘would never have been a problem if they were never picked up,’ because they typically wouldn’t spread or progress … so in some ways, it’s a false increase.’”

In other cases, experts suspect the prevalence of chronic conditions and lifestyle factors like obesity, diet, diabetes, and sedentary lifestyles may be to blame.

從乳腺癌到血液腫瘤,從骨髓腫瘤到胃腸道腫瘤和生殖器官腫瘤,早發癌症在年輕群體中幾乎已成為流行病:僅骨髓瘤的發病率就高達 30%,結直腸癌的發病率高達 45%。

在 15 歲至 39 歲的青少年和年輕人中,這一比例上升了 20%。 最糟糕的是,專家們似乎無法查明原因。 俄勒岡健康與科學大學奈特癌症研究所臨床研究教授阿奇·布萊耶 (Archie Bleyer) 表示,一個可疑的原因是更積極的篩查和更早的檢測,這可能會導致過度診斷。


據《The Hill》報導,布萊爾表示,“篩查發現這些器官中存在腫瘤和腫塊,‘看起來像癌症,所以他們必須將其稱為癌……如果它們從未被檢出,它們就永遠不會成為問題’” 因為它們通常不會傳播或進展……所以在某些方面,這是一種錯誤的增長。”



The Hill June 15, 202

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