NTP Studies: Cell Phone Radio Frequency Radiation Can Cause Cancer NTP 研究:手機射頻輻射可致癌

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Editor’s note: National Toxicology Program is an authoritative governmental agency that has the final say about the carcinogenicity of a substance. It is not easy to get on the NTP black list as the resistance from industries can be huge. The wording of the agency can be conservative when it comes to the risk. But when a substance gets on the list, it means that the substance can cause cancer even though the degree of harm is not always to gauge.

The NTP studies show that cell phone radiation or radio frequency radiation can cause not only brain cancer (glioma), but tumors of the heart and adrenal glands with the latter two lesser known. Many customers may like to ignore the risk and tend to believe that less exposure to the cell phone radiation should be safe. The fact is that any bit of exposure can cause damage to all tissues and organs. It is just a matter of how much or whether the condition can develop to a clinical significance.

Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, the world’s most active and authoritative researcher from University Hospital in Örebro, Sweden and colleagues responded to the findings of the NTP studies. They provided much more in-human evidence to support an extended scale of the association between radio frequency radiation exposure and elevated risk of all sorts of cancer. The following are their findings:

  • Glioma: Clear evidence
  • Meningioma: Equivocal evidence
  • Vestibular schwannoma (acoustic neuroma): Clear evidence
  • Pituitary tumor (adenoma): Equivocal evidence
  • Thyroid cancer: Some evidence
  • Malignant lymphoma: Equivocal evidence
  • Skin (cutaneous tissue): Equivocal evidence
  • Multi-site carcinogen: Some evidence

Dr. Hardell and colleagues suggest that according to the IARC ( International Agency for Research on Cancer) definition, RF radiation should be classified as Group 1: The agent is carcinogenic to humans.

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