Covid 19 could cure Hodgkin lymphoma? Covid 19可以治愈霍奇金淋巴瘤

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Saturday March 13, 2021 ( — The common wisdom hints that cancer patients should try their best to avoid contracting covid 19 as their cancer treatments often compromise their immunity. However, if a cancer patient does not receive aggressive treatment and keep his immunity intact, he may find that getting infected with covid 19 can help eliminate his cancer.

At least a case report published recently in the Feb 2021 issue of British Journal of Hematology shows that a man diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma found that his cancer was a goner after he contracted covid 19.

The 61-year old man was initially found suffering from some progressive kidney disease (progressive lymphadenopathy) and weight loss. He eventually developed end-stage renal failure which prompted him to receive haemodialysis.

Later, he received kidney transplant which proved to be a failure soon. He discontinued taking immuno-suppressive medications for three years. Around this time, doctors conducted biopsy and Pet/CT scans and found him in stage IIIs Epstein–Barr virus (EBV)‐positive classical Hodgkin lymphoma.

Then shortly after diagnosis, he went to see his doctors for some typical covid 19 symptoms like breathlessness. And he was diagnosed with PCR‐positive SARS‐CoV‐2 pneumonia. He stayed in the hospital and received supportive treatment for 11 days and then got discharged. He did not use corticosteroid or immunochemotherapy.

A few months after his covid 19 infection, he went to the hospital for a follow-up check-out. Doctors conducted pet/ct scans on him only to find that the cancer symptoms improved – the lymph nodes shrunken and the EBV viral PCR reading dropped from 4800 copies/ml to 413 copies/ml.

Doctors suggested that the covid 19 infection triggered an anti tumor immune response. As a result, pathogen‐specific T cells cross-reacted with tumor antigens and infection-induced inflammatory cytokines activated natural killer cells which destroyed the cancer cells.

Some viral infections can cause cancer. Like in this case, Epstein–Barr virus can cause lymphomas. But some other viral and bacterial infections may actually help cure cancer. While considered a life-threat, Covid 19 could actually help treat some cancer patients. Maybe in many cases, this virus may strengthen immunity in many patients and effectively prevent them from developing many other life-threatening diseases?

2021年3月13日,星期六(—普遍的觀點表明,癌症患者應盡最大努力避免感染covid 19,因為他們的癌症治療方法經常會損害他們的免疫力。但是,如果癌症患者未接受積極治療並保持其免疫力不變,則他可能會發現感染covid 19可以幫助消除癌症。

至少最近在《英國血液學雜誌》(British Journal of Hematology)於2021年2月號上發表的一例病例報告顯示,一名被診斷患有霍奇金淋巴瘤的人發現他患上了covid 19後就消失了。

最初發現這名61歲的男子患有一些進行性腎臟疾病(進行性淋巴結病)和體重減輕。他最終發展為終末期腎衰竭,促使他接受血液透析。 後來,他接受了腎臟移植,但很快就失敗了。他停止服用免疫抑製藥物三年。大約在這個時候,醫生進行了活組織檢查和Pet / CT掃描,發現他患有IIIs期愛潑斯坦-巴爾病毒(EBV)陽性的經典霍奇金淋巴瘤。

然後在診斷後不久,他經歷了covid 19的一些典型症狀,如呼吸困難。並且他被診斷出患有PCR陽性SARS-CoV-2肺炎。他留在醫院接受了11天的支持治療,然後出院。他沒有使用皮質類固醇或免疫化學療法。

感染covid 19的幾個月後,他去醫院進行了後續檢查。醫生對他進行了pet / ct掃描,結果發現癌症症狀有所改善–淋巴結縮小,EBV病毒PCR讀數從4800拷貝/毫升降至413拷貝/毫升。

醫生推測covid 19感染引發抗腫瘤免疫反應。結果,病原體特異性T細胞與腫瘤抗原發生交叉反應,感染誘導的炎性細胞因子激活了自然殺傷細胞,從而破壞了癌細胞。

一些病毒感染會導致癌症。像這種情況一樣,愛潑斯坦-巴爾病毒可引起淋巴瘤。但是其他一些病毒和細菌感染實際上可能有助於治愈癌症。雖然被認為有生命危險,但Covid 19可能實際上有助於治療某些癌症患者。也許在許多情況下,這種病毒可以增強許多患者的免疫力,並有效地阻止他們發展其他許多威脅生命的疾病?

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