Book – The Emperor of All Maladies a Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee 万恶之皇 癌症传记

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This is an award winning book written by Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee who is an assistant professor of medicine at Columbia University.

The book does not provide any information as to how to treat any cancer. However, it gives cancer patients a vital message regarding the current orthodox cancer treatments. That is, surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy do not provide any cure for any cancer, meaning that they could not eradicate cancer from patients. After rounds of treatments, the cancer will come back sooner or later, and then no drugs could stop it from killing the patients.

Many cancer patients naively think that doctors are their best helpers whom they can use to help defeat their cancers. Blindly trusting oncologists could lead them to give up other opportunities such as seeking and using alternative cancer treatments many of which have proved to be effective at curing cancer.

Like many other books on cancer treatments, this book does not mention a word on cancer biology or physiology or anticancer nutrition. Do not blame doctors for lack of knowledge in nutrition. They do not receive any training in nutrition even though often times they pretend to know everything and acts like your God.

Any trials involve three elements – cancer, drugs and patients. Unfortunately, few doctors who conduct the trial know much of any or all of them. The book is all about how doctors have been trying to try and err to find an effective treatment. Not much talking about cancer per se. The one and only strategy the cancer doctors involved in trials have been using is to try the highest dosage of chemotherapy possible to kill as many cancer cells as possible. A deadly strategy in some cases leads to killing the patients before the cancer has a chance to kill the patient.

The message this book delivers is that no current orthodox treatments could cure any cancer.

這是由哥倫比亞大學醫學助理教授Siddhartha Mukherjee醫生撰寫的獲獎書。




任何試驗都涉及三個要素–癌症,藥物和患者。不幸的是,進行試驗的醫生對此沒有了解。這本書是關於醫生如何嘗試去嘗試並找到有效的治療方法。就癌症本身而言,討論不多。參與試驗的癌症醫生一直在使用的唯一的愚蠢策略是嘗試使用最大劑量的化學療法殺死盡可能多的癌細胞。致命的策略在某些情況下導致在癌症有機會殺死患者之前 (治療方法本身)殺死患者。

本書試圖傳達的信息是, 當前正統癌症的治療方法都無法治愈任何癌症 。

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