This is very worst book I ever bought 这是我买过的最糟糕的书

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I buy and read a lot of books on alternative cancer treatments. This is the worst book I have ever read. There is no value in this book. The book is not authored by John Beard nor Nicholas Gonzalez. It is compiled by the publisher, Books on Demand. You can find more info on the internet by using authors’ name John Beard and Nicholas Gonzalez to do some search. I bought this book by mistake as I would never buy any book published by Books on Demand as I was aware of some bad reviews on the publisher. Be aware of the very low quality books published by Books on Demand.

Comments from other readers

I find THIS IS A SCAM by BoD (Books on Demand) THAT PROMOTES BOOKS BY NEW SPRING PRESS. It is promotional literature with little about John Beard or his work, while promoting material by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a man of the highest integrity, that is published by New Spring Press. This 61 page “booklet” contains almost nothing of the 320 pages that are in the real book by this title. I consider this the biggest SCAM in literature I have ever witnessed. The publisher FALSLY STATES on the back cover, “AN Exact Reproduction of a Classic Work”. In my opinion, if AMAZON does not withdraw this, they will be as culpable of fraud as the publishers who printed it. It must be noted that this book is NOT the result of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez’s work and he must not be held accountable for this book. AVOID BUYING THIS BOOKLET ISBN 9783744896207

“The first thought that came to my mind is where the hell is the book (content)! This is a promotional booklet of Dr. Gonzales’ books. This should be free. A new low for any manufacturer (producer, we on the other hand being consumers (aka potential suckers)).


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