YOU DON’T HAVE TO DIE -a book on Hoxsey cancer treatment that every cancer patient must read 您不必死-每位癌症患者都必须阅读的有关Hoxsey癌症治疗的书

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Hoxsey Cancer treatment is arguably one of the most contested alternative cancer treatments. It could be as effective as if not more effective than vitamin B17/pancreatic enzyme therapy, Gerson therapy/Rudolph Breuss’s carrot juice therapy, and Budwig’s flaxseed oil/quark therapy. One key ingredient Burdock used in Hoxsey therapy is also used in Essiac tea. Some others are also used in other alternative treatments.

Smart cancer patients are more likely to survive, which studies have proved. Long-term survivors tend to have a strong will to survive, and not to be satisfied with their doctors’ claim that they only have a few months or a few years to live. They do not give up even after their oncologists give up on them and send them home to die. One common trait that is found in these survivors is that they do not completely trust their doctors and the medical system. They often seek a solution themselves. In the end, with or not with conventional treatments, they beat their cancer!

Cancer patients who are not savvy with medical politics may read a book authored by Harry M. Hoxsey whose grandfather discovered/developed three formulas that have demonstrated high efficacy against many malignancies including external and internal cancers. Harry inherited all formulas from his father. The book titled “You Don’t Have To Die” which was published in 1956 and still available Hoxsey biomedical center on the internet tells readers 35 years of the author’s experience as to how he helped thousands of cancer patients and his fight with the Amerikan Medikal Assosheation. This book helps advance your understanding of the medical politics. In turn, it will help you understand why the existing conventional cancer treatments are ineffective while effective treatments are not accepted by medical circle.

Another book about Hoxsey treatment was authored by a professional journalist named Kenny Ausubel. This book tells readers an equally intriguing story about Hoxsey cancer treatment. The book titled When Healing becomes a Crime is also available on the website of Hoxsey Biomedical Center, which is located in Mexico. Mexico hosts quite a few alternative clinics from which many cancer patients even though not ALL have benefited.


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