Another cancer patient get rid of stage 4 colon cancer without much conventional treatments | 另一位癌症患者在沒有太多常規治療的情況下擺脫了 4 期結腸癌

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Rob Mooberry: Beating the Odds to Survive Stage IV Colon Cancer

Here is another success case of defeating stage 4 colon cancer.

It seems that colon cancer is really easy to treat.  We know quite a few colon cancer patients survive stage 4 colon cancer.  Most of the patients removed the tumor surgically and then with or without conventional treatment, they used dietary therapy, to be specific, – Gerson therapy to prevent the cancer from coming back.

Remember that only less than 10% of stage 4 colon cancer patients could survive five years if they choose to use conventional treatments, that is, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  But many cancer are not satisfied with a 5-year survival and they seek alternative remedy to improve their odds. Chance are good that those patients are likely to survive for  along term.

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Rob Mooberry:戰勝生存 IV 期結腸癌的機率

這是戰勝第 4 期結腸癌的另一個成功案例。

看來,結腸癌真的很容易治療。 我們知道相當多的結腸癌患者在 4 期結腸癌中存活下來。 大多數患者通過手術切除腫瘤,然後在有或沒有常規治療的情況下,他們使用飲食療法,具體而言, – 葛森療法以防止癌症復發。

請記住,如果選擇使用常規治療,即放療和化療,只有不到 10% 的 4 期結腸癌患者可以存活五年。 但許多癌症患者對 5 年的存活率並不滿意,他們尋求替代療法來提高他們的機率。 這些患者很可能長期存活。

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