Case report: A Long Breast Cancer Remission without Standard Therapy 病例報告:沒有標準療法的長期乳腺癌緩解

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Dani M1, Pinder S, Baum M and Fentiman IS4*1Breast Unit, Guy’s Hospital, UK2Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, UK3University College Hospital, UK4Research Oncology, Guy’s Hospital, UK

About the patient 關於病人

The patient was first seen at Guy’s Hospital Breast Unit in January 1992. At that time she was aged 60, married with two children, and had been on hormone replacement therapy, HRT, (Prempak-C) for 10 years. Prempak-C is a sequential form of combined HRT comprising 0.625 mg conjugated estrogens taken daily and a progestogen (norgestrel) taken on days 17-28. For the previous two years she had been aware of a painless lump in the left breast, and recently had noticed skin dimpling. There was no family history of breast cancer.

該患者於1992年1月首次在蓋伊醫院的乳腺科就診。當時,她60歲,已婚,育有兩個孩子,並接受了激素替代療法HRT(Prempak-C)10年。 Prempak-C是HRT的連續形式,包括每日服用0.625 mg結合雌激素和在第17-28天服用孕激素(孕甾酮)。 在過去的兩年中,她意識到左乳房無痛性腫塊,最近發現皮膚凹陷。 沒有乳腺癌家族史。

Diagnosis 診斷

On examination she was a slim woman with skin dimpling in the left lower outer quadrant and deep to this a mass 2.2 x 2 cm, with no deep attachment. In the left axilla there was a 2 cm mobile node. A clinical diagnosis of carcinoma was made and a freehand core biopsy, Bioptycut™ taken at that time.

經檢查,她是個苗條的女人,皮膚在左下象限處凹陷,深達2.2 x 2 cm,無深層附著。 在左腋窩中有一個2厘米的移動節點。 進行了臨床診斷,並在那時進行了徒手的核心活檢,即Bioptycut™。

This confirmed the presence of an invasive breast cancer, provisionally grade II. The longest core of tissue was 9.5 mm of which 7 mm was infiltrated by tumour. No vascular invasion was seen.

這證實了浸潤性乳腺癌的存在,暫時為II級。 組織的最長核心為9.5毫米,其中7毫米被腫瘤浸潤。 未見血管浸潤。

What the patient did 病人做了什麼

She returned to the results clinic where she was given the diagnosis and informed that the carcinoma was suitable for breast conservation therapy comprising wide excision, axillary clearance and external beam radiotherapy.


At that time the patient would normally have has staging investigations including chest x-ray, full blood count and liver and bone profiles but she did not return for these investigations. She was reluctant to undergo any surgery and went to a Holistic Medical Clinic in Tunbridge Wells. There she was given a course of nutritionally orientated therapy and when examined at the Holistic Clinic in February 1992 the breast lump was said to be the size of a pea but no dimensions were recorded.

那時,患者通常會進行分期檢查,包括胸部X光檢查,全血細胞計數以及肝臟和骨骼輪廓,但她沒有返回進行這些檢查。 她不願接受任何手術,於是去了滕布里奇韋爾斯的一家整體醫療診所。 她在那裡接受了營養治療課程,1992年2月在整體診所接受檢查時,乳房腫塊據說是豌豆大小,但沒有記錄任何尺寸。

Treatments 治療方法

The “polytherapy” she received was carefully documented and is described in Table 1. She attributed the clearance of the lymph glands to jumping on a trampoline for 15 minutes a day. Also, at the beginning she used two “ozone therapy” treatments, applying a “light shaker” to the breast and underarm lumps for about 30 minutes a day. The “polytherapy” was given for approximately 6 months (Figures 1A-1H).

她收到的“多藥療法”得到了認真的記錄,並在表1中進行了描述。她將淋巴腺的清除歸因於每天在蹦床上跳躍15分鐘。 此外,一開始她使用了兩種“臭氧療法”療法,每天在乳房和腋下的腫塊上使用“輕搖杯”約30分鐘。 進行了大約6個月的“多藥療法”(圖1A-1H)。

Outcomes 結果

She remained well, not taking any medications, and was not aware of any breast problems. In March 1997, five years after the histological diagnosis, she was seen by MB for a second opinion at University College Hospital. At that time there was no evidence of cancer in the left breast and ultrasound did not show any abnormality. Subsequently, with the patient’s permission, the original biopsy specimen was reviewed and the clinical notes re-examined. The histology was confirmed as showing an invasive breast cancer, with tumour cell nuclei positive for both oestrogen and progesterone receptors.

她保持健康,沒有服用任何藥物,也沒有發現任何乳房問題。 在組織學診斷五年後的1997年3月,MB在大學學院醫院為她再次見面。 當時沒有證據表明左乳房有癌症,超聲檢查未顯示任何異常。 隨後,在患者的允許下,檢查了原始的活檢標本並重新檢查了臨床記錄。 組織學證實為浸潤性乳腺癌,腫瘤細胞核對雌激素和孕激素受體均為陽性。


Table 1: Details of polytherapy.

Amino acids
L-methionine 500 mg 1 daily
L-cysteine 500 mg 1 daily
L-arginine 500 mg 3 daily
L-tyrosine 500 mg 2 daily
Taurine 500 mg 3 daily
Zinc citrate 1.5 mg 2 daily
Magnesium EAP2 2 daily
Magnesium ethanolamine 692 mg
Elemental magnesium 100 mg
Selenium complex 200 mg 5 daily
Organic sulphur(methylsulphonylmethane) 500 mg 4 daily
Lo-pH enzymes 3 daily
Biozyme 4 daily
Quercitin 200 mg
Vitamin C 200 mg
Parain 20 mg
Bromelain 20 mg
Rutin 60 mg
Cyanocobalamin 10 mg
Catalase complex 1 daily
B3 (nicotinamide) 500 mg 3 daily
B5 500 mg 2 daily
E 250 iu 3 daily
Potassium ascorbateWork up to 30 g
DMG complex
Dimethyl glycine 1 daily
Dimethylsulphoxide synergistic agent (tablespoon)1 daily
Thymax lamb thymus 62 mg2 daily
Flax oil (tablespoon) 3 daily
Bee pollen (tablespoon) 2 daily
ChlorellaWork up to 30 daily
Bee propolis tablets 2 daily
Aloemed Aloe vera juice 2 oz daily
Replace tea and coffee with Gerard’s herbal tea and nettle tea

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