Christian lady beats breast cancer naturally – case report

A lady Christian named Carmen Chaves testified on the internet that she had survived from breast cancer for 20 years now.  She was diagnosed with cancer in her right breast in 1997. Her doctors wanted to give her chemo after surgery.  She refused chemo.  So her doctors said if she did not want chemo, they did not want to do the surgery for her.  Apparently the doctors were not happy with her decision.

Her father and grandparents from her mother side died from cancer.   Many would think that her cancer should have something to do with her genetics.  But she knows that conventional treatments did not save her relatives.  And she believes that natural treatments can help.

That time, there was no internet.  All she could learn from were books.  (It seemed that she later accepted surgery somewhere, but did not receive chemo.).  She went to Mexico for natural treatments where she received IV injection of Laetrile or so called vitamin B17.  She also changed her diet.  She had avoided sugar and other unhealthy foods.  So for 15 years, she had been cancer free.  (She did not use mammography to monitor cancer.  But she use blood test.).

Then her husband passed away, and due to her work, she had experienced a great deal of stress in her life.  She also gave up her healthy anticancer diet.  So at that point, she was found to have cancer recurrence in her right breast.

Her children would like to send her to hospital for treatments. But she still believed that natural treatments can help her.  So she started using a healthy diet again.  Ever since, she has been cancer free.  She is alive and healthy now.

She has a couple of points to share with others:

1) Cancer patients should listen to their guts and follow their intuition.  If they feel surgery or chemo or radiation treatment can help them, go for it.  But she also stresses that healthy diet and natural therapies are also important and they can help strengthen patients’ immunity against cancer.

2) Do not blind trust doctors.  Doctors are not the one who determines your fate.  She is a Christian.  She believes that God is in charge.  So cancer patients need to keep that in mind. (Dr. Lu)

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