Dog medicine fenbendazole effective at treating advanced prostate cancer 狗藥芬苯達唑治療晚期前列腺癌有效

Dog medicine fenbendazole effective at treating advanced prostate cancer

Saturday 07/10/2021 ( As a prostate cancer patient, if you are told that your cancer has spread to bones or the disease has become resistant to all sorts of treatments and they cannot do anything to help you, what can you do to help yourselves?

A study suggests that in such a case, it may be time for you to visit a vet who has experience prescribing anti-parasitic medications such as fenbendazole and albendazole which may actually cure your disease.

The study reported in March 2021 in the medical journal Fronterier in Oncology shows that fenbendazole and albendazole are not only effective in treating metastatic prostate cancer that has spread to bones or become resistant to taxane medications as shown in multiple mouse xenograft models.  Specifically, the study finds that these two anthelmintic medications more effective than paclitaxel.

The authors of this study found these new anticancer drugs after screening a library of 1120 existing medications to sort out compounds that may be useful for advanced prostate cancer.   They found a group of medications including fenbendazole, albendazole, fluspirilene, clofazimine, niclosamide, and suloctidil may be used to treat metastatic prostate cancer.

Many patients have already used and benefited from Fenbendazole while many other patients may find it ineffective at treating their cancers. Successful cases reports are circulated over the internet which indicate that this anthelmintic medication along with other medications or vitamin supplements can be used to cure small cell lung cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, melanoma, lymphoma, and glioblastoma. (Dr. Lu)

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該研究於 2021 年 3 月發表在醫學雜誌 Frontierer in Oncology 上,表明芬苯達唑和阿苯達唑不僅能有效治療已擴散到骨骼或對紫杉烷類藥物產生抗藥性的轉移性前列腺癌,如多個小鼠異種移植模型所示。具體而言,該研究發現這兩種驅蟲藥物比紫杉醇更有效。

這項研究的作者在篩選了 1120 種現有藥物的庫以挑選出可能對晚期前列腺癌有用的化合物後,發現了這些新的抗癌藥物。他們發現包括芬苯達唑、阿苯達唑、氟螺菌靈、氯法齊明、氯硝柳胺和舒洛地爾在內的一組藥物可用於治療轉移性前列腺癌。

許多患者已經使用芬苯達唑並從中受益,而許多其他患者可能發現它對治療癌症無效。成功的案例報告在互聯網上流傳,表明這種驅蟲藥與其他藥物或維生素補充劑一起可用於治療小細胞肺癌、腎癌、前列腺癌、黑色素瘤、淋巴瘤和膠質母細胞瘤等。(Dr. Lu)


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