Dr. Lorraine Day beats her breast cancer without treatments 戴醫生不做任何治療就戰勝了她的乳腺癌

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Dr Day has a remarkable story to tell. She follows a modified diet and spiritual life to defeat her breast cancer.

After diagnosis with breast cancer, Dr. Lorraine Day initially removed the tumor. But after a few months, the tumor came back and became more aggressive. She changed her diet, using vegetarian diet faithfully, and reading the Bible and praying multiple times daily. Slowly but surely she got rid of her grapefruit sized breast cancer and the cancer never comes back. After 30 some years, she is still healthy and lives well.

在被診斷出患有乳腺癌之後,她最初切除了腫瘤。 但是幾個月後,腫瘤又回來了,變得更具侵略性。 她改變了飲食習慣,忠實地使用素食,並且每天閱讀聖經和祈禱多次。 慢慢地,但可以肯定的是,她擺脫了葡萄柚大小的乳腺癌,癌症再也沒有復發。 30年後,她仍然健康並且生活良好。

Dr. Day is a devout Christian and she believes that a faithful spiritual life, to be specific, having a good relationship with Jesus, is key to cancer recovery. God is your ultimate healer. She is confident that all cancer patients can get helped. Many cancer patients followed her advice and do the same as she did, eventually cure their cancers. Read their testimonies.

Day博士是位虔誠的基督徒,她認為,要忠實奉獻屬靈生活,與耶穌建立良好關係是癌症康復的關鍵。 上帝是你的終極治療者。 她相信所有癌症患者都能得到幫助。 許多癌症患者都遵循她的建議,並且採取與她相同的方法,最終治癒了他們的癌症。 閱讀他們的見證。

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