Evita Ramparte用素食击败4期卵巢癌 Evita Ramparte beats stage 4 ovarian cancer with vegetarian diet

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Evita Ramparte通过替代疗法摆脱了4期卵巢癌

这是2015年报道的一个故事。一位名叫Evita Ramparte的欧洲记者和媒体制作人被诊断出患有4期卵巢癌。医生想通过外科手术切除卵巢,这会让她的生命变得不能生孩子。




Evita Ramparte beats stage 4 ovarian cancer with vegetarian diet

This is a story reported in 2015. A European journalist and media producer named Evita Ramparte was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. And doctors wanted to remove her ovaries surgically which would leave her barren for life.

She is not an ordinary woman. She has a brain to think all things through and she decided not to take any conventional treatments including surgery, chemo and radiation. Instead, she wanted to modify he lifestyle and diet which she believed causes her cancer.

In the past she had a very bad diet. She ate pizza, ice cream and soda often. She was weak and sleepy all the day. After the diagnosis, she got rid of all junkie foods and started using only clean fruit and vegetables. She believes juicing to detoxify her body is needed to eliminate her cancer. She also got a divorce and kept herself away from negative friendships.

Just a couple of weeks, she lost 15 pounds of body weight, eliminated many gallbladder stones, and shrunk her tumors. After 4 months of the natural treatment, she was completely free of all cancers. She now lives a cancer free life and also has a son.

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