High doses of vitamin C, caloric restricted diet can shrink cancer tumor 高劑量的維生素C,熱量限制飲食可以縮小癌症腫瘤

Editor’s comment: Is this the best treatment? In our opinion, it is not. Although it may be better than conventional treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy because vitamin C may be less toxic to healthy cells, the cell death triggered by free radicals can still come with some collateral side effects. It should be kept in mind that free radicals can not only kill cells, they can injure cells and cause mutation, which can be the basis for cancer recurrence and secondary cancer. When the cancer comes back, no matter you have treated your cancer with vitamin C or chemotherapy, the cancer tends to be more aggressive and drug resistant. The best therapy is one that will not cause mutation!!

07/21/2020 (Tuesday) – (jkzx.com) – Very high doses of vitamin C administered intravenously along with a caloric restricted diet can help treat an aggressive colorectal cancer, potentially other types of cancer as well, according to a new study.

Better yet, unlikely most cancer treatments, this novel treatment is likely non-toxic for healthy cells.

Dr. Linus Pauling who won two Nobel prizes suggested in the 1970s that high doses of intravenous vitamin C could be used to treat cancer, but the medical circle ridiculed his idea as quackery.

The truth is, high doses of IV vitamin C have proved to be effective at fighting cancers as an adjuvant therapy. A clinical trial reported in 2017 found that high doses of vitamin C make radiotherapy and chemotherapy more tolerable and patients with brain cancer may survive longer when they used high doses of vitamin C.

The current rodent study now suggests that a fast-mimicking diet can work in synergy with vitamin C to fight colorectal cancer without resorting to chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

The new study was published in Nature Communications and readers can read the whole report free of charge.

One keyword is high doses.

When vitamin C is used in small doses, it serves as an antioxidant which scavenges highly reactive free radicals in cells and protect cells from being injured.

But when it is used in high doses, particularly when administered intravenously, vitamin C works as an pro-oxidant. Pro-xidants promote peroxidation of liquids, generating free radicals which damage macro molecules like proteins, lipids, and DNA and causing cell deaths.

Some research suggests that cancer cells that carry KRAS mutations are more vulnerable than healthy cells to the damage induced by free radicals. About 25% of all cancers and about 40% of all colorectal cancers are KRAS mutant.

Another keyword is synergy.

When vitamin C is used together with chemotherapy, the anticancer effect against KRAS-mutated cancer cells is also enhanced. But in this case, the therapy damages BOTH healthy and cancerous cells.

Although high doses of vitamin C and a fast-mimicking diet both help fight cancer when used alone, their anticancer efficacy is boosted drastically when they are used together. The cancerous cells are particularly vulnerable to the toxicity induced by this combination treatment.

Another keyword is free iron.

Previous studies have found that high concentrations of free iron makes it more effective for the free radical hydrogen peroxide to damage DNA.

KRAS mutant cancer cells are able to protect themselves from being damaged by free radicals by removing the free iron.

A fast-mimicking diet can disable the protective measure and make cancer cells vulnerable to free radical damage, which is desired for the killing of cancer cells.

編者按:這是最好的治療方法嗎? 我們認為不是。 儘管由於維生素C對健康細胞的毒性較小,它可能比常規治療(如放射療法和化學療法)更好,但由自由基觸發的細胞死亡仍可能帶來一些附帶副作用。 應當記住,自由基不僅可以殺死細胞,而且可以傷害細胞並引起突變,這可能是癌症復發和繼發性癌症的基礎。 當癌症復發時,無論您是否用維生素C或化學療法治療了癌症,該癌症都傾向於更具侵略性和耐藥性。 最好的療法是不會引起突變的療法!


更好的是, 不像大多數癌症治療方法,這種新穎的治療方法對健康細胞無毒。

曾獲得兩次諾貝爾獎的利納斯·鮑林(Linus Pauling)博士在1970年代提出,可以將大劑量的靜脈注射維生素C用於治療癌症,但醫學界對他的主意是嘲諷。

事實是,高劑量的IV維生素C已被證明是有效的抗癌手段。 2017年報導的一項臨床試驗發現,高劑量的維生素C使放射療法和化學療法更具耐受性,而腦癌患者使用高劑量的維生素C可能存活更長的時間。

目前的囓齒動物研究表明, 禁食飲食可以與維生素C協同作用來抵抗結腸直腸癌,而無需訴諸化學療法或放射療法。













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