How does Dr. Victor A. Marcial Vega use intravenous vitamin C to treat cancer | Victor A. Marcial Vega 博士如何使用靜脈注射維生素 C 治療癌症

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Dr. Victor A. Marcial Vega is not your ordinary physician.  He is a board certified oncologist, to be exact, a radiologist that specialize in treating cancer.  He has a web presence at  Note that intravenous vitamin C is available in multiple clinics in the U.S. and many other countries.  The treatment protocol can be found through the internet.

What is amazing about this doctor is that he does not only recognize the benefits of vitamins in cancer treatments, but actually use them to treat cancer, successfully.  All doctors and university professors would tell you that vitamin C as an antioxidant would interfere with the cancer treatments based on conventional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  But Dr, Vega can tell you that vitamin C and other vitamins can actually boost the efficacy of conventional cancer treatments.

Watch the video below to see what Dr.Vega has to see about vitamin C and cancer treatment.

Victor A. Marcial Vega 博士不是您的普通醫生。 他是一位獲得委員會認證的腫瘤學家,確切地說,是一位專門治療癌症的放射科醫師。他在 上有網站. 請注意,美國和許多其他國家的多家診所都提供靜脈注射維生素 C。 治療方案可以通過互聯網找到。

這位醫生的驚人之處在於,他不僅認識到維生素在癌症治療中的好處,而且實際上成功地使用它們來治療癌症。 所有醫生和大學教授都會告訴你,維生素 C 作為抗氧化劑會干擾基於常規療法(如化學療法和放射療法)的癌症治療。 但 Vega 博士可以告訴您,維生素 C 和其他維生素實際上可以提高傳統癌症治療的功效。

觀看下面的視頻,了解 Dr.Vega 對維生素 C 和癌症治療的看法。

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