How fasting can help treat your cancer? 禁食如何幫助治療癌症?

Your Chinese doctors may have told you that as a cancer patient, you need to have high intake of protein so that your body can heal itself.  They do not know what they are talking about.  That is why more cancer patients would die when they are treated by Chinese doctors.

There is a good summary on fasting and general health including cancer prevention and treatment.  In a word, fasting help cancer patients.   Chinese doctors and many Western doctors would be happy to tell you that fasting cannot starve cancer to death.

你的中國醫生可能跟你說過,作為一個癌症患者,你需要大量攝入蛋白質,這樣你的身體才能自愈。 他們不知道自己在說什麼。 這就是為什麼更多的癌症患者在接受中國醫生的治療後會死亡。

對禁食和一般健康(包括癌症預防和治療)有很好的總結。 總之,禁食對癌症患者有幫助。 中國醫生和許多西方醫生會很高興地告訴你,禁食不能讓癌症餓死。

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