Ivermectin along with antiPD1 antibody may cure breast cancer | 伊維菌素和抗PD1抗體可以治愈乳腺癌

A new study published this year suggests that taking both ivermectin and anti-PD1 antibody can effectively eradicate breast cancer. Ivermectin is an anti parasitic medication that has also been found highly effective at getting rid of sars cov 2 virus that causes covid 19 infection.  It seems that many antiparasitic drugs may possess anticancer activities, promoting speculation that cancer, at least some cancers may be a disease induced by parasites.

Ivermectin has been found in other studies to be effective at treating other types of cancer including pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer, brain cancer (glioma), melanoma etc.

今年發表的一項新研究表明,同時服用伊維菌素和抗 PD1 抗體可以有效根除乳腺癌。 伊維菌素是一種抗寄生蟲藥物,也被發現在去除導致 covid 19 感染的 sars cov 2 病毒方面非常有效。 似乎許多抗寄生蟲藥可能具有抗癌活性,促使人們猜測癌症,至少某些癌症可能是寄生蟲誘發的疾病。


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