Ivermectin can be an effective and safe cancer treatment | 伊維菌素可能是一種有效的 和安全的癌症治療

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Tuesday 11/02/2021 (jkzx.com/healthabc.com) — Ivermectim has gained more attention during the covid 19 as studies show that this antiparasitic medication can highly effectively prevent and treat covid 19 infection.

In recent years, ivermectin has been explored for its antitumor properties. Research worldwide has revealed that ivermectin may be an effective cancer treatment.  Ivermectin may not only be effective at fighting various cancers, but also has a very desirable safety profile.

Researchers from Mexico reported in 2018 in Molecular Medicine Reports that Ivermectin can inhibit cancer stem-like cells. Cancer stem-like cells are one of the reasons why cancer recurs in a more aggressive form, which often resists current cancer treatments.

Guadalupe Dominguez-Gomez and colleagues tested Ivermectin in the breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 and found ivermectin in doses of 0.2 to 8 um can effectively inhibit the growth of MDA-MB-231 cells. They found that the inhibition occurs at the mRNA and protein levels. The effect of Ivermectin on mRNA may be at least one of the reasons why Ivermectin is effective against single-stranded mRNA viruses including SAR-coV 2.


Na Li and Xianquan Zhan from Shandong First Medical University found also anticancer activity of ivermectin against ovarian cancer cells. They also found the this antiparasitic drug ivermectin suppresses ovarian cancer cell by regulating mRNA and other transcriptional mechanisms.

The researchers studied the anticancer effect of ivermectin in both ovarian cancer cell lines and women with ovarian cancer. They found ovarian cancer patients had a better prognostic profile including survival, lymphatic invasion, cancer status and clinical staging.

The study was reported in 202o in EPMA Journal.


Ivermectin was also found not only effective at treating acute myelogenous leukemia, but also safe for patients who use it in high doses for a long term.


According to Kui Wang and colleagues from Sichuan University – a top Chinese University, ivermectin can be used to treat color cancer, melanoma, and leukemia in addition to breast cancer and ovarian cancer.


Ivermectin as a cancer treatment is certainly important enough. But all studies involving ivermectin as an anticancer treatment suggest that other antiparasitic drugs such as hydroxychloroquine etc. may be potentially used to treat cancer. It seems that cancer cells share some molecular pathways with parasites. (Dr Lu)

伊維菌素在 covid 19 期間受到了更多關注,因為研究表明,這種抗寄生蟲藥物可以非常有效地預防和治療 covid 19 感染。


來自墨西哥的研究人員在 2018 年的分子醫學報告中報告說,伊維菌素可以抑制癌症幹細胞樣細胞。癌症幹細胞樣細胞是癌症以更具侵略性的形式複發的原因之一,這種形式通常會抵抗當前的癌症治療。

Guadalupe Dominguez-Gomez 及其同事在乳腺癌細胞系 MDA-MB-231 中測試了伊維菌素,發現 0.2 至 8 um 劑量的伊維菌素可以有效抑制 MDA-MB-231 細胞的生長。他們發現抑制發生在 mRNA 和蛋白質水平。伊維菌素對 mRNA 的影響可能是伊維菌素對包括 SAR-coV 2 在內的單鏈 mRNA 病毒有效的原因之一。


山東第一醫科大學的李娜和詹賢全也發現了伊維菌素對卵巢癌細胞的抗癌活性。他們還發現這種抗寄生蟲藥物伊維菌素通過調節 mRNA 和其他轉錄機制來抑制卵巢癌細胞。


該研究在 202o 年發表在 EPMA 雜誌上。






伊維菌素作為一種癌症治療方法當然足夠重要。但所有涉及伊維菌素作為抗癌治療的研究都表明,其他抗寄生蟲藥物,如羥氯喹等,也可能用於治療癌症。癌細胞似乎與寄生蟲共享一些分子途徑。 (陸博士)

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