Ketone supplements may help curb cancer growth | 酮类补充剂可能有助于抑制癌症生长

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Ketone supplements may help curb cancer growth

A new study suggests that taking ketone supplements may help curb cancer growth and prolong survival in cancer patients.

Cancer cells follow a metabolic pathway that differs from normal metabolic pathways. In cancer cells, mitochondria generate energy by metabolizing glucose into lactate. Cancer cells do not use ketones for energy.

A high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet has been tested as a cancer treatment. The authors of the current study tested ketone supplements and found that they could lead to a favorable condition called ketosis, as did a high-fat, low-carb keto biodiet.

In previous studies, the authors found that ketone supplementation inhibited the proliferation and survival of cancer cells in vitro and slowed tumor growth and prolonged survival in animals with metastatic cancer.

In the current study, the authors fed a line of healthy rats a ketone supplement for one to four months with uncontrolled glucose intake and found that the supplement increased blood ketone levels to therapeutic levels and reduced glucose levels by 20%.

Ketone supplementation investigates a number of metabolic parameters, suggesting that supplementation regimens protect against cancer. Parameters altered included oxidized glutathione and antioxidant capacity (carnosine and serine).

Carnosine was found four times higher in ketone-supplemented rats known to inhibit anaerobic glycolysis (a low energy production pathway), slow tumor growth and metastasis and prolong survival in cancer models.

Ketone supplementation also lowered some lysophospholipids, which are found higher in the blood of cancer patients and can induce tumorigenesis and metastasis in animals.

Also reduced were a number of pro-inflammatory biomarkers, including L-1β, IL-6, IFN-γ, MCP-1, and RANTES.

The study was short-term and no clear signs of serious effects were observed. This suggests that ketone supplementation appears to be safe and may be used as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of cancer.

The keto diet is thought to be useful in treating brain cancer because brain cells can only use glucose. But studies so far have not provided firm conclusions about the effects of such diets on brain tumors, even though in theory a ketogenic diet and ketone supplements could help treat cancer. (David Liu) (This report was originally published on














酮素饮食被认为可用于治疗脑癌,因为脑细胞只能使用葡萄糖。但是迄今为止的研究还没有提供关于这样的饮食对脑肿瘤的治疗效果的坚实结论,即使在理论上,生酮饮食和酮补充剂可以帮助治疗癌症。 (David Liu)(This report was originally published on

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