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Mistletoe extract helps fight liver cancer, case report 槲寄生提取物有助於抗擊肝癌,病例報告

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Thursday March 4, 2021 ( – Dr. Paul G. Werthmann from University of Witten-Herdecke and colleagues published on Jan 29, 2021 on a case report about a complete remission of liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) induced with viscum album extracts (VAE) alone.

The 51-age old female patient of concern was diagnosed with liver cancer after 30 years of hepatic c viral infection. The cancer multifocal hepatocellular carcinoma seemed to be controlled for some time, but relapsed.

Doctors suggested palliative treatments, meaning that they did not think any treatment would help the patient to recover from the disease. Any treatment would be intended to make it easier for the patient to live her final few days or weeks. The patient declined such treatments.

Instead, she wanted to try intravenous injection of VAE along with intravenous hepato-protective L-ornithine L-aspartate. The treatment turned out to improve the patient’s condition dramatically. In three months, the patient experienced a significant regression and her tumor marker – alpha-foetoprotein fell in the normal range. Eleven months later, she entered a complete regression.

The patient continued her treatments. She did not receive any conventional treatment for cancer nor treatment for her hepatitis C infection. By the time the report was published, the regression has been sustained for three and half a year. She lived a healthy life.

Viscum album is a species of mistletoe or called European mistletoe which is more toxic than American mistletoe. Mistletoe extract has been used as a protective and a medicine to treat a variety of diseases including many cancers.

來自Witten-Herdecke大學的Paul G.Werthmann博士及其同事於2021年1月29日在SRRN.com上發表了一例關於僅由Viscum album extracts(VAE)誘發的肝癌(肝細胞癌)完全緩解的病例報告。





Viscum album extracts是一種槲寄生槲寄生。槲寄生提取物已被用作治療多種疾病(包括許多癌症)的保護劑和藥物。

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