(n-3) Fatty Acids and Cancer Therapy(n-3)脂肪酸和癌症治疗

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(n-3) Fatty Acids and Cancer Therapy

在2004年在“营养杂志”发表的一份报告中,路易斯安那州立大学的W. Elaine Hardman博士表示,ω-3脂肪酸可单独使用或与化疗一起使用来治疗癌症,包括肺癌,结肠癌,乳腺癌和前列腺癌。

In a report published in 2004 in the Journal of Nutrition, Dr. W. Elaine Hardman at Louisiana State University suggests omega 3 fatty acids may be used alone or together with chemotherapy  to treat cancers including lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer.


The report claims that supplementation of the diet for tumor-bearing mice or rats with pure omega-3 fatty acid or oils with omega 3 fatty acids slowed the growth of various cancers including lung cancer, colon cancer, mammary cancer and prostate cancer.


When omega 3 fatty acids are used along with cancer chemotherapy drugs such as doxorubicin, epirubicin, CPT-11, 5-fluorouracil and tamoxifen , the efficacy of the chemotherapy was improved.


The efficacy of cancer chemotherapy drugs such as doxorubicin, epirubicin, CPT-11, 5-fluorouracil, and tamoxifen has been improved when the diet included (n-3) fatty acids.

多柔比星旨在治疗乳腺癌,膀胱癌,卡波西氏肉瘤,淋巴瘤和急性淋巴细胞性白血病。 5-氟尿嘧啶也用于治疗结肠癌,食管癌,胃癌,胰腺癌,乳腺癌和子宫颈癌。

Doxorubicin is intended to treat breast cancer, bladder cancer, Kaposi’s sarcoma, lymphoma, and acute lymphocytic leukemia.   5-fluorouracil is used to treat colon cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and cervical cancer.

欧米加3脂肪酸如何帮助治疗癌症是未知的。 ω3(n-3)脂肪酸可能通过调节类花生酸生成和炎症,增殖,血管生成,凋亡和雌激素信号来抑制癌症。

It is unknown how omega 3 fatty acids help treat cancer.  It is possible that omega 3 (n-3) fatty acids suppress cancer through modulation of eicosanoid production and inflammation, proliferation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, and estrogen signaling.

研究了Omega 3脂肪酸对许多癌症(包括肺癌,结肠癌,乳腺癌和前列腺癌)的抗癌性,Omega 3依赖酸可抑制癌症相关的恶病质,并改善生活质量。使用ω-3脂肪酸可以改善化疗对乳腺癌患者的疗效。

Omega 3 fatty acids were studied for their anticancer property against many cancers including lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer,  Omega 3 fatty acids suppress cancer-associated cachexia and improve the quality of life.    Using omega 3 fatty acids improved the efficacy of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients.


The author suggests that omega 3 fatty acids can be used alone or in combination with chemotherapy/radiation therapy to improve cancer treatment outcome and slow or prevent cancer recurrence in patients with lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer.  Omega 3 fatty acids may be used in cancer patients who could not be treated with standard toxic cancer treatments.

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