Orostachys Japonicus

Orostachys japonicus extracts help eliminate lung cancer – case report Orostachys japonicus提取物有助於消除肺癌-病例報告

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Friday March 5, 2021 (jkzx.com) – A Korean report published in 2019 in MBC Pulmonary Medicine suggests that Orostachys Japonicus extract may be used to treat non-small cell lung cancer.

This is a case report from Korea, in which a 73 year-old patient experienced remission from advanced progressive poorly differentiated non-small cell lung cancer. The patient was initially treated with typical multiple conventional treatments. The six types of chemotherapy in four cycles bombarded the patient for a few months and did not render much of any desired efficacy, the patient decided to discontinue the conventional therapy. But she agreed to get monitored for her condition periodically.

One year after the discontinuation of conventional treatments, chest x-ray examinations showed that the tumor mass disappeared. She told doctors that she had been using Orostachys japonicus extract for a few months already. Tests on certain immune markers indicated that her immunity had been strengthened. Although considering this a case of spontaneous remission, researchers believed that the cancer remission has something to do with this Orostachys japonicus extract.

Orostachys japonicus extract has been used as a herbal medicine in Korea to treat a number of diseases including cancer. The mechanism behind its therapeutic efficacy remains unknown. However, it is widely believed that this Orostachys japonicus, which is found in Japan, Korea and China, can boost immune response to cancer.

2019年在MBC肺醫學雜誌上發表的一份韓國報告表明,Orostachys Japonicus提取物可用於治療非小細胞肺癌。


停止常規治療一年後,胸部X光檢查顯示腫瘤塊消失了。她告訴醫生,她已經使用Orostachys japonicus提取物已有幾個月了。對某些免疫標記物的測試表明她的免疫力得到了增強。儘管考慮到這種情況是自發緩解的情況,但研究人員認為,癌症緩解與這種Orostachys japonicus提取物有關。

Orostachys japonicus提取物在韓國已被用作草藥來治療包括癌症在內的多種疾病。其療效背後的機制仍然未知。但是,人們普遍認為,這種在日本,韓國和中國發現的日本孔雀魚可以增強對癌症的免疫反應。

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