Reversing Stage 4 Melanoma, Skin Cancer, Macrobiotic Diet | James Templeton & Ryan Sternagel 逆轉第 4 階段黑色素瘤、皮膚癌、長壽飲食

Jame Templeton, a stage 4 melanoma survivor, tells you his experience with fighting cancer. He started with depression and desperation and ultimately genuinely prayed for God’s help. God answered his prayer and helpers kept coming to him. Many people, church friends, acquaintances, relatives, and strangers likewise, came to offer what they know about how to beat cancer. Watch the video all the way through the end and you will learn how a cancer patient should react when his doctors told him he had cancer!

一位 4 期黑色素瘤倖存者告訴您他與癌症抗爭的經驗。 他從沮喪和絕望開始,最終真誠地祈求上帝的幫助。 上帝應允了他的禱告,並且不斷有幫助者來到他面前。 許多人,教會的朋友、熟人和陌生人,都來提供他們所知道的如何戰勝癌症的知識。 全程觀看視頻,您將了解癌症患者在醫生告訴他他患有癌症時應該如何反應!

Jame Templeton authored a book titled I Used to Have Cancer: How I Found My Own Way Back to Health, which details how he fought his cancer and achieved a long-term survival. James initially had melanoma removed surgically. The tumor was found unusually large and his oncologists classified his cancer as a stage 4 melanoma. Months later, the cancer spread and a lymph node showed up in the right groin. But he was able to defeat his cancer by following a modified lifestyle including macrobiotic diet.

詹姆斯·鄧普頓 (Jame Templeton) 撰寫了一本名為《我曾經患過癌症:我如何找到自己的恢復健康之路》的書,詳細介紹了他如何與癌症作鬥爭並獲得長期生存。 詹姆斯最初通過手術切除了黑色素瘤。 發現腫瘤異常大,他的腫瘤學家將他的癌症歸類為 4 期黑色素瘤。 幾個月後,癌症擴散,右側腹股溝出現淋巴結。 但他能夠通過遵循包括長壽飲食在內的改良生活方式來戰勝癌症。

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