Some cancer consultants/coaches 一些癌症顧問/教練

Some individuals who are cancer survivors or have had experience with helping others to overcome cancer are willing to offer consultation services. These individuals are not physicians by trade, but they have their own first hand experience with fighting cancer successfully. All these people are intelligent, have great writing skills, and some are devout Christians. They have one thing in common: They did not 100% count on doctors and hospitals. They get their cancer under their own control.

Cancer patients should not wait until their doctors fail them to start alternative treatments. Almost all alternative treatments do not interfere with conventional treatments. In fact, even patients who undertake some conventional treatment fare better when they also take some type of alternative therapy. Many alternatives are actually modified dietary therapies. You eat one diet or another anyway. So why you eat a diet that protect against cancer!

( does not receive any benefit from the consultants listed below. may not endorse any of the individuals.  Their qualifications have not been substantiated.  But they are all long-term cancer survivors)

Chris Wark, cancer survivor and best-selling author – Chris was diagnosed with colon cancer, and received surgery. But he did not use any chemotherapy nor radiation. He follows a modified lifestyle including spiritual life and an anticancer diet. He wrote two books on his cancer-fighting experience, which are available on Amazon and may be valuable to cancer patients who do not have much knowledge in alternative cancer treatments. Even if he may not know everything about cancer (who knows everything?), he seems to have myriad contacts or cancer survivors who are also willing to help. His services may be fee based.

Ralph Cole – cancer survivor. Ralph was diagnosed with head/neck cancer (something like that) and did not receive any conventional treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. He learned from a lady who has had experience with Gerson therapy. The lady recommended the therapy to him. He tried to drink carrot juice only and did not change his diet except drinking carrot juice religiously. In about 45 days, he completely eradicated his cancer. Ralph is honest and absolutely trustworthy. He offers his email address and phone No. online and welcome other cancer patients. He does not charge any fee. But if you can, you should donate some or send him a gift if you benefit from his consultation as some financial support can help him do more good to others. His contact information: [email protected] (213) 909-8270

Ty Bollinger – Ty and his wife run a millionth-dollar worthy website to promote alternative cancer treatments. His father and mother and four other family members died from cancer, which prompted him to search for an effective alternative cancer treatment. Findings shocked him and propelled him to launch his website to spread the word that there are effective alternative cancer treatments. Ty is an accountant-turned writer, which is probably why his website attracts millions of visitors from over the world. Ty wrote a couple of books on cancer treatments which may help newbie cancer patients. These books are a collection of sporadic reports on various treatments. The books may have benefited many cancer patients even though there does not seem any complete protocol. Whoever seeks a serious help should contact him for his consultation which may be more helpful.

Glenn Sabin – Glenn has an extraordinary story to tell. He was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) when he was 28 (now he is over 53). His doctors could not help him much. But he is an extraordinary person and won’t give up. He worked closely with his doctors (he still received help from his doctors). But he is the one who provided the treatments that eventually help him defeat his cancer. One of the key supplement he used is EGCG, a green tea extract component. Also he said that physical exercise is extremely important for cancer patients. He never stops jogging and swimming regardless of weather conditions. Eventually he got rid of his leukemia and have been free of cancer for so many years. His case was reported in a major medical journal and his story is well publicized. He should have an invaluable first hand experience in fighting leukemia. His experience and knowledge may potentially help patients with other types of malignancies. Glenn also authored a book n of 1. This book does not provide much information a cancer patient uses. Cancer patients should book a session of his consultation. He charges $375 per hour. It is not cheap, but for a life and death matter, this fee is moderate (consider how much your doctors would charge!) Glenn has absolutely lots to offer.

Ryan and Teddy – a couple who used alternative cancer treatments, mostly the Budwig diet (cottage/flaxseed oil) have successfully gotten their son’s cancer under control. Their son Ryder was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at about one year old on May 16th, 2014. You can imagine that they were facing a daunting challenge, 1) the disease has no cure, 2) the patient is so young, and 3) the government does not allow patients to have any say about medical decision as to how their kids should be treated. In order to better treat their son, they moved from Washington state to Utah. This couple must have lots of experience in cancer treatment regarding what to use and where to get them. Now their son is seven years old and his cancer is well controlled. Talk to them if you have a cancer to defeat.

Bailey O’Brien – Bailey is a stage 4 melanoma survivor. She was diagnosed with melanoma stage 3 in 2014. She was treated and later in 2017 treated again with conventional treatments which proved ineffective. As a result, the disease progressed to become stage 4 melanoma. She was lucky enough to have searched and found some alternative treatments that work for her cancer. She got lots of experience in fighting cancer and has many contacts in the cancer survivor community. Bailey used a modified diet likely a variant of Gerson diet. Get her consultation services if you’ve got a cancer to defeat.

Joe Tippens – Joe has an extraordinary story of his to tell.  He was diagnosed in 2016 with late stage lung cancer which has spread to multiple other organs.  Doctors gave him maximally one year to live. It happens that Joe is not an ordinary person.  He has run his business successfully, meaning that he is not stupid.  While he is not a doctor, but he is probably smarter than most doctors when it comes to cancer treatment.   As luck has it, he met a vet who had had been helping many cancer patients (The vet passed away).  Joe learned that one antiparasitic drug that pets or animals use could be used to treat cancer.  He is smart enough, he picked up the protocol immediately.  He used the treatment along with other supplements that he believes also help him defeat his cancer.  All these years, he has been free of cancer.  He is willing to share his experience with anyone who needs help for free.

Dr. Day – Dr Day is a physician and university professor.  She got breast cancer and removed the lesion by surgery only to find the tumor coming back more virulently within months.  Then she decided to get rid of this tumor by herself.  She completely changed her lifestyle and adapted a modified Gerson type of diet.  The tumor was gone forever, and she learned to count on God not doctors for cancer treatment.  She tell others how she cures her breast cancer.  As her story is circulating in and out of the medical circle, she has received all sorts of attacks from government agencies and medical organizations which try to invalidate her testimonies.   Many cancer patients, particularly those who have experienced the horrific conventional treatments tried her approach and many eventually eliminated their cancers.   Dr. Day does not seem to offer personal consultancy on cancer treatment.  But she documents her experience and sells her books which provide a complete set of information that can help every cancer patient.  Her ultimate message to all cancer patients is, Trust God, but not your physicians!


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