Starvation hits cancer cells harder 飢餓比健康細胞更嚴重地打擊癌細胞

Theoretically, you can starve to kill cancer cells and while healthy cells remain intact. We can tell you later. So starvation can be used as a treatment to cure cancer. The very first thing a cancer patient needs to do is restrict his caloric intake, This is true no matter what diet he eats, This strategy is to slow down the growth of cancer cells so that you will have more time to plan an effective treatment regimen. Starvation can also trigger an autophagic process that forces some cancer cells to die to save some other cancer cells. A carefully designed starvation protocol can keep healthy cells intact while getting cancer cells killed. Read a good publication titled “Autophagy, Metabolism, and Cancer“.

從理論上講,您可以餓死殺死癌細胞,而健康細胞則保持完好無損。 我們稍後可以告訴您。 因此飢餓可以用作治療癌症的方法。 癌症患者需要做的第一件事就是限制熱量攝入,無論他吃什麼飲食,這都是事實, 此策略是減慢癌細胞的生長,以便您將有更多時間計劃有效的治療方案。 飢餓還可以觸發自噬過程,迫使某些癌細胞死亡以保存其他一些癌細胞。 精心設計的飢餓方案可以使健康細胞保持完整,同時殺死癌細胞。 閱讀標題為“自噬,代謝和癌症”的優秀出版物。

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