Vinegar can kill cancer cells 醋可以杀死癌细胞

A Japanese study found the acetic acid, the main ingredient in vinegar , can kill gastric cancer cells at certain concentrations.


Previous studies indicates that acetic acid at high concentration could eliminate skin cancer and other solid cancers. It may also help leukemia.

先前的研究表明,高浓度的乙酸可以消除皮肤癌和其他实体癌。 它还可能有助于白血病。

Some other studies found that cancer cells can use acetic acid (acetate) to generate energy they need.


Here is another study published in 1988. In the study, 25% acetic acid solution was directly injected into prostate cancer in mice and the treatment doubled the survival period for the treated mice. This suggests that direct intratumoral injection is effective in treating prostate cancer.

這是1988年發表的另一項研究。在該研究中,將25%的乙酸溶液直接注射到小鼠的前列腺癌中,這種治療使被治療的小鼠的生存期延長了一倍。 這表明直接瘤內註射可有效治療前列腺癌。

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