Vitamin supplementation post-diagnosis reduces cancer death/recurrence risk 診斷後補充維生素可減少癌症死亡/復發的風險


Sunday 03/21/2021 ( — A recent review published recently shows that vitamin supplementation after diagnosis can moderately reduce the risk of total death risk, death from cancer and cancer recurrence.

For instance, calcium supplementation was linked to a 12% reduction in total death and 29% reduced risk of cancer mortality among all cancer patients. The risk reduction in cancer mortality was particularly significant among colorectal cancer survivors – 34%.

Vitamin D also helps cancer survival. Vitamin D supplementation was correlated with a 14% reduction in total mortality among cancer patients.

For breast cancer survivors, supplementation with vitamin C, D and E was linked to 21%, 15% and 24% reduced risk of total mortality, respectively.

Even multivitamins helps cancer survival. The review finds multivitamins cut risk of lower cancer recurrence by 24%, vitamin C by 34% and vitamin E by 31%.

However, authors caution that all data were generated from observational studies. To confirm the benefits from vitamin supplementation in cancer patients, trials need to be conducted.

Indeed, it remains largely unknown if those vitamin users take any other potent anticancer alternative phytochemicals such as curcumin, EGCG, resveratrol, Genistein, and sulforaphane. However, some trials have found vitamin supplements do help all cancer patients to extend their survival time.


例如,在所有癌症患者中,補鈣可將總死亡人數減少12%,將癌症死亡風險降低29%。在大腸癌倖存者中,降低癌症死亡率的風險尤為重要– 34%。


對於乳腺癌倖存者,補充維生素C,D和E分別使總死亡率降低21%,15%和24%。 甚至多種維生素也可以幫助癌症存活。




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