Mustard greens can be used to treat colon cancer | 芥菜可用于治疗结肠癌

Mustard greens can be used to treat colon cancer | 芥菜可用于治疗结肠癌

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Previous research has shown that mustard, or wasabi, can help detoxify, fight inflammation, and apoptotic cancer cells. A new study now confirms that mustard greens may be useful in the treatment of colon cancer.

Studies have shown that mustard activates TNF-α, Fas-L, caspases, truncated Bid and cytochrome C and induces apoptosis and autophagy.

In vivo experiments have shown that mustard seeds can slow the growth of cancerous tumors.

The study concluded that mustard seed could be used as chemoprevention against the development of colon cancer or as a treatment for the disease.

Some background on wasabi:

Wasabi contains some flavor compounds, such as methylthioalkylisothiocyanate, which are known to inhibit microbial growth. This antibacterial property suggests that this food may be used to fight cancer. Studies of other food components have shown that compounds that inhibit the growth of microorganisms, especially fungi, may also inhibit cancer growth.

In fact, isothiocyanates are known to inhibit the growth of lung and esophageal cancers. In rodents, isothiocyanates are known to prevent the development of chemically induced cancers.

Isothiocyanates are also present in foods known to have chemopreventive effects against cancer such as cabbage, horseradish, and mustard. (David Liu)

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异硫氰酸酯也存在于已知具有针对癌症的化学预防作用的食物如卷心菜,辣根和芥末中。 (David Liu)

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