有關癌症諮詢服務的問答 Questions and answers about cancer counseling services


您的康复历程摘要:1)了解导致癌症的身体和精神上的困难。 2)相应地改变您的身体和精神生活。3)克服癌症带来的威胁,并享受余生。

Summary on your recovery journey: 1) Understand your physical and spiritual hardship that causes your cancer. 2) Change your physical and spiritual life accordingly 3) Overcome threats from your cancer and enjoy the rest of your lifetime.

如果時間就是金錢,那麼知識就是生命! If time is money, then knowledge is life!

We provide information not only to help cancer patients, but also to help general population to live a better life.  With a good diet, and lifestyle, one can not only reduce risk of many diseases, improve/overcome his health condition, improve his life quality and eventually extend his lifespan.   This modified lifestyle including a healthy diet can help prevent or improve outcomes of cancer of all sorts, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, Parkinson’s disease/dementia, infertility.  Talk to us to see how we can help you.


Doctors can treat your disease, but may not save your life. Many cancer patients have received all treatments that are currently available, but only have to die a painful death.

医生可以治您的病,但不能治您的命. 医生可以治疗您的疾病,但可能无法挽救您的生命。 许多癌症患者已经接受了目前可用的所有治疗方法,但都死于痛苦的死亡。

1, 你们提供哪些咨询服务来帮助癌症患者?
What consulting services do you provide to help cancer patients?


First of all, please make sure you understand that we are not doctors and are not qualified to use any drugs to treat any diseases. When we say this, we don’t want to be misunderstood. What our consultants do is to provide cancer patients with comprehensive and up-to-date diet and lifestyle information, which has helped many cancer patients. Our consultants believe that these things are helpful to all patients. But in fact, many cancer patients do not know the importance of healthy diet and lifestyle to cancer recovery. If they knew, they might not get cancer in the first place. The services of our consultants fill this gap. The information we provide comes from research reports and case reports, which are either published in scientific journals or testimonies from cancer patients.


What we do is different from other individuals and organizations in that, on the one hand, we look at patients’ conditions and all treatments to assess their prognosis and current physical condition. On the other hand, we will first understand the patient’s diet, lifestyle, nature of work, family situation, personality, temper, emotional experience, and living environment to determine what the patient may be the problem. We believe that a disease could not develop without any cause. Depending on the situation, we give specific suggestions.


Is there any guarantee that using the information you provide will definitely help cancer patients eliminate it?


Someone asked, can you cure cancer? All we can say is that we don’t know. If we say our method can cure cancer, that’s against the law in the U.S. Because, the U.S. law dictates that only government-approved drugs can be called effective for cancer treatment. But what we can say is that these dietary and lifestyle improvements are good for 100% of patients, at least theoretically. For a particular patient, no one can give him any assurance. Not even doctors. You never ask the doctor, his medical care will guarantee you anything. But we know that many cancer patients have completely overcome cancer including breast cancer, kidney cancer, brain cancer, leukemia, colon cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer  by eating and changing their lifestyle.

诺贝尔奖获得者Pualing Linus博士做了一项研究,发现使用营养补充剂的癌症患者的寿命是不使用者的两倍。一位医生使用饮食疗法治疗了许多被医生放弃了的癌症患者,就是那些被医生治后死期指日可待的那些病人。  在医生放弃之后,很多接受饮食疗法治疗的病人存活了很多年。

Nobel Laureate Dr. Pualing Linus did a study that found cancer patients who used nutritional supplements lived twice as long as non-users. A doctor uses diet therapy to treat many cancer patients who have been abandoned by their doctors, those who are dying after being treated by a doctor. After doctors gave up, many patients treated with dietary therapy survived for many years.

这位医生分析了他自己的数据,发现他的治疗比传统的化疗和放射治疗好得多。 他发现,对于晚期癌症患者,如果接受常规治疗,5年生存率低于10%,而他的方法则达到60%多。

The doctor analyzed his own data and found that his treatment was much better than traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He found that for patients with advanced cancer, the five-year survival rate was less than 10 percent, compared with more than 60 percent for his methods.

我们知道他的方法。 但是我们不能保证任何事情。我们有多种方法已经在许多病人身上得以验证有效。我们有理由相信,这些方法对100%病人有效。唯一的问题是大小的问题。这个每个病例都不一样。毛病不一样,生活态度不一样,经济条件不一样,病人的生态环境不一样,运气不一样,有很多的不确定的因数,所以,我们不能预测一个病人的预后。我们也不能给你任何的保证。但我们可以保证,作为一个群体,总体来说,病人用的比不用的活得久得多。

We know his methods. But we can’t guarantee anything. We have a number of methods that have been proven to be effective in many patients. We have reason to believe that these methods are effective for 100% of patients. The only problem is how effective they are. Each case is different. The condition is not the same, the attitude of life is not the same, the economic conditions are not the same, the patient’s ecological environment is not the same, the luck is not the same, there are many uncertain reasons, therefore, we can not predict a patient’s prognosis. We can’t give you any guarantees. But we can assure you that, as a group, in general, patients who use modified diet live much longer than those who don’t.


Why do cancer patients need your information to change their diet and lifestyle?


Whether you use our services or not, cancer patients must change their diet and lifestyle. There are a lot of cancer patients who don’t value diet and feel like whatever they eat does not matter. That’s why they have cancer! Diet is the most important thing in your life. If you don’t use anti-cancer drugs for a few days, you may not die. However, if you haven’t eaten or drank water for a few days, even if you don’t have cancer or other diseases, you’re dead. That is a common sense. It can be seen that eating is very important to everyone. And for cancer patients, we know that a particular diet and a good lifestyle are prerequisites for their recovery. No cancer patient can survive for 10 years, 20 years or more if he does not follow a healthy or cancer-fighting diet with a healthy lifestyle!!!


As we’ve already said, studies have shown that a diet full of specific nutrients is associated with increased cancer survival. Certain foods have been shown to have anti-cancer effects. Some patients completely eliminated their cancer because they use a unique diet. Not only that, but other physical indicators are healthy. In many cases, even doctors envy their physical fitness!


Why should the patient use the information you provide instead of the doctor’s?


No one is preventing cancer patients from using the doctor’s diet and lifestyle advice. Everyone has the right to make choices for himself. But there are some things to remember. First, doctors are not trained to be experts in providing dietary and lifestyle advice. They are trained to write prescription. Many medical schools don’t even teach basic nutrition at all, let alone anticancer nutrition. Second, doctors are often too busy to fully update their knowledge of the effects of nutrition and environmental factors on diseases. Third, many doctors may not be as smart as our consultants. Doctors are trained to become medical professionals. They follow the rules, but are not trained to do research. Our consultants either have the highest level of research training, have been doing research for many years, or have been updating their knowledge of cancer nutrition for many years. Some consultants are successful cancer survivors who have first-hand experience of beating stage 4 or terminal cancer. Their experience is that every cancer patient can learn and adopt the disease to help them.

5, 为什么一个癌症患者不能他们自己研究,来决定他们应遵循的饮食和生活方式?

Why can’t a cancer patient study for themselves to determine the diet and lifestyle they should follow?


All cancer patients should study for themselves and decide what is best for their health. But there is no such a thing that you can just spend a few days to learn all things that many researchers discovered in decades. It is impossible for a patient to take a short time to gain the knowledge that our consultant has. For an individual, it takes years of research to understand the effects of diet and lifestyle on cancer.

而研究也不是一般人都可以做的。癌症患者没有时间和精力来完成这项任务。他们也没有资源和能力来做研究。比如,他们很多人不能阅读英文文献,他们无法买到一些文献著作。他们也许没有钱来做研究。他们也许不可能跟很多癌症康复的成功者有直接的交流。 很多的时候,他们只能道听途说。很多时候,他们听到的话来自癌症康复的失败者。有人在乱说,有人在乱听。结果是,很多从此得出一个结论:营养疗法无效。有的东西事实上是有效的,但听者不知道如何使用它,所以没有达到预期的效果。他可能还在怪别人骗他。还有,微信上有一些所谓的癌症互助圈,癌友圈, 等,大多是为商业服务的宣传媒体。那些文章撰写人都是一些网络文人,他们并不懂癌症治疗。很多的信息,那就很明显是药物广告宣传!这些东西很容易误导人。

And research is not something that the average person can do. Cancer patients don’t have the time or energy to do the job. They also don’t have the resources or the ability to do research. For example, many of them can’t read English literature, they can’t buy some literature. They may not have the money to do research. They may not be able to communicate directly with many cancer survivors. A lot of times, they can only hear, do not know how to listen. Many times, what they hear comes from the losers of cancer recovery. Someone’s talking nonsense, someone else’s listening. As a result, many have since come to the conclusion that nutritional therapy is ineffective. Some things are actually effective, but the listener doesn’t know how to use it, so it doesn’t have the expected efficacy. He may still be blaming others for lying to him. In addition, WeChat has some so-called cancer mutual aid circle, cancer circle, etc. , mostly for the commercial service of the publicity media. The authors of those articles are online writers who don’t understand cancer treatment. A lot of information, that’s obviously drug advertising! These things can easily be misleading.


As far as cancer patients are concerned, a good approach is to consult a consultant who specializes in diet and lifestyle and cancer recovery.

6, 为什么饮食和生活方式对癌症患者如此重要?

Why is diet and lifestyle so important to cancer patients?


First, studies have shown that cancer patients who follow a healthy diet and follow a good lifestyle tend to live longer. Some researchers believe that cancer is a metabolic problem. It has something to do with food and clothing. In fact, some food ingredients have been shown to be related to the rehabilitation of patients. Second, many cancer patients report that they use certain dietary therapies to eliminate their cancer. Testimony from these patients indicates that certain functional foods and dietary supplements help cancer patients survive.

7,  如何使用您的咨询服务?

How do I use your consulting services?

如果您因癌症需要咨询,请先发邮件给[email protected]。 我们将免费为您提供30分钟的时间,让您了解我们可以为您做些什么。然后你决定是否使用我们的服务。如果您对我们的服务感兴趣,我们会告诉您下一步该做什么。

If you need our counseling for cancer, please email us at [email protected] We’ll give you 30 minutes free of charge to find out what we can do for you. Then you decide whether to use our services. If you are interested in our services, we’ll tell you what to do next.


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Disclaimer: Content posted on this website and provided through other media related to the services is absolutely of personal opinion. No therapeutic efficacy is guaranteed. Patients are encouraged to seek medical attention for their diseases.

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