Carrot juice may help prevent colorectal cancer 胡蘿蔔汁可能有助於預防大腸癌

A new study suggests that drinking carrot juice may help prevent colorectal cancer. The study conducted in mice shows that falcarinol and falcarindiol, two key components isolated from carrots reduce the formation of colorectal cancer tumors and slow the growth of tumor mass.

In fact, many colon cancer patients cured their disease by simply drinking carrot juice.

一項新研究表明,喝胡蘿蔔汁可能有助於預防結直腸癌。 在小鼠中進行的研究表明,從胡蘿蔔中分離出的兩個關鍵成分可減少結直腸癌腫瘤的形成並減緩腫瘤塊的生長。


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