Study: Citric acid may help fight prostate cancer 研究:檸檬酸可能有助於抗擊前列腺癌

Saturday 08/01/2020 ( — Australian researchers reported a study in the June 2019 issue of Food & Function to suggest that citric acid in citric peel extracts (CPEs) may help fight prostate cancer.

Fariba Dehghani and colleagues set out to test how citric peel extracts would affect the growth of quiescent prostate cancer cells in vitro and they found citric acid is an active compound responsible for the inhibition of the aggression of prostate cancer cells in vitro.

They tested both fat soluble (f/s) and water soluble (w/s) fractions of the citric peel extracts (CPEs). They found the w/s CPE reduces the ability of cancer cells to enter the S phase in the cell cycle while the inhibitory effect was not found in the f/s fraction.

Further studying of the w/s fraction reveals that the bioactive components in the CPEs are not the predominant flavonoids like hesperidin and narirutin, but citric acid.

The researchers conclude that “CPE containing citric acid together with various bioactive compounds may be used as a chemopreventive agent for post-therapy cancer patients.”

Note: This study is part of the work conducted by first author Balakrishnan Shammugasamy for his doctoral thesis.


Fariba Dehghani及其同事著手測試檸檬皮提取物如何在體外影響靜態前列腺癌細胞的生長,他們發現檸檬酸是一種活性化合物,可在體外抑制前列腺癌細胞的侵襲。

他們測試了檸檬皮提取物(CPE)的脂溶性(f / s)和水溶性(w / s)部分。他們發現,w / s CPE降低了癌細胞在細胞週期中進入S期的能力,而在f / s分數中未發現抑製作用。

w / s部分的進一步研究表明,CPE中的生物活性成分不是主要的類黃酮,如橙皮苷和那蘆丁,而是檸檬酸。


注意:這項研究是 Balakrishnan Shammugasamy 為其博士論文進行的工作的一部分。

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