MEAT AND DAIRY CAUSE CANCER – Dr T. Colin Campbell’s “The China Study” 肉类和乳品引起的癌症-T. Colin Campbell博士的“中国研究”

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Summary: Animal protein promotes growth of cancer while plant-based diet prevents cancer development, according to Dr. Campbell’s studies. In China, cancer patients are encouraged to use animal proteins and it is claimed that animal proteins help recovery from cancer.  Bullshit!

简介:根据坎贝尔博士的研究,动物蛋白可促进癌症的生长,而植物性饮食则可防止癌症的发展。在中国,鼓励癌症患者使用动物蛋白,并且据称动物蛋白有助于癌症康复。 废话!

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