White button mushroom, green tea help prevent breast cancer 白蘑菇,綠茶有助於預防乳腺癌

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Friday 04/16/2021 (jkzx.com) — A study report published in 2009 in International Journal of Cancer suggests that eating even small amounts of white button mushroom daily and drinking green tea can help reduce risk of breast cancer in both premenopausal and postmenopausal women.

This case and control study was based on data from 2009 women with breast cancer diagnosed and 1009 age-matched women who had no breast cancer. The study participants were interviewed in Southeast China in 2004 to 2005.

compared to those who did not consume mushrooms, those who ate 10 or more grams of fresh mushrooms and those who at 4 grams of dried mushrooms were 64% and 57% reduced risk of breast cancer, respectively, according to the study report.

The associaiton between consumption of mushrooms and reduction in the risk for beast cancer is inverse, meaning that a high consumption of mushrooms is linked to lower risk for breast cancer. The association is significant both in pre-menopausal and postmenopausal women.

Now if women ate mushrooms and drank green tea, their risk for breast cancer was reduced more significantly.

Compared with those who used neither mushrooms nor green tea, those using high amounts of fresh mushroom AND green tea made with 1 or more grams of dried green tea were 89% less likely to deevelop breast cancer.

When fresh mushrooms and green tea were used, the vreast cancer risk reduction was 88%. This seems to mean that eating fresh mushrooms is more effective at preventiing vreast cancer.

If you want to reduce your breast cancer, you may eat some fresh white button mushrooms and drinking some gree tea every day.

Many things you can do to reduce your breast cancer risk. The following are something that can help prevent breast cancer.

1) Do not work night shifts.
2) Do not use contraceptives.
3) Have a baby early in your life and do not do any abortion.
4) Expose yourself often to sunlight or take vitamin D supplements.
5) Avoid using inflammation-promoting vegetable oils like corn oil. Avoid trans fat. Use some omega 3 fatty acids.
6) Eat enough of vegetables and beans everyday. Avoid processed foods, high fat, high sugar, alcohol, cigarettes.
7) Avoid medical x-ray.
8) Be kind, grateful, and appreciative. Avoid all sorts of negative emotions like fear, worry and anxiety.
9) Do moderate exercise. (Dr. Lu)

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