Vegetables, beans, vinegar help prevent esophageal cancer 蔬菜,豆類,醋有助於預防食道癌

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Wednesday 04/14/2021 ( — A Chinese study released in 2003 reveals some risk factors for esophageal cancer Linzhou City of Henan province in China.

The study found:

1) High income, more residential space and higher education was associated with a 46%, 64% and 70% reduced risk for esophageal cancer, respectively.

Interesting to note is the degree of education plays a significant role in the risk of this cancer. The effect of education on the cancer risk is also observed in many other studies.

2) Using drinking water from another source other than the public tap water system was linked to 550% increased risk for esophageal cancer, suggesting that other water sources may be contaminated?

3) As observed in many other studies, high intake of vegetables and beans was associated with significantly reduced risk for esophageal cancer.

4) One shocking revelation: Vinegar consumption was linked to significantly reduced risk for esophgeal cancer. This is not a commonly known secret. Previous observational studies and lab studies suggest that vinegar or its main component acetic acid may be used to treat cancers!

This is a case-control study involving 211 cases and 633 controls aged 30 to 75 years who resided in Linzhou City of Henan, China. Participants were interviewed between Jan 1998 and April, 1999. The study was published in Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention.

2002年4月14日,星期三(— 2003年發布的一項中國研究表明,中國河南省林州市的一些食道癌危險因素。 研究發現:

1)高收入,更多的居住空間和受高等教育的程度分別使食管癌風險降低46%,64%和70%。 有趣的是,受教育程度在患這種癌症的風險中起著重要作用。在許多其他研究中也觀察到教育對癌症風險的影響。





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