Cannabis oil cures leukemia and another rare cancer 大麻油治愈白血病和另一种罕见的癌症

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On March 27, 2017, newspapers across the UK reported a story about a 17-year-old boy who used hemp oil to cure his cancer, leukemia and another rare cancer. The combination of these cancers is very rare, and a person has a 1 in 7 billion chance of suffering from both types of cancer at the same time.

The boy named Deryn Blackwell was waiting to die after failing four years of cancer treatment three years ago. His cancer was diagnosed in 2010. He was 10 years old at that time. He received various radiation treatments and chemotherapy. But nothing can stop these diseases. Finally, the cancer metastasized to the bone marrow. So doctors performed bone marrow transplants three times, but none of them cured these diseases.

All treatments only make health worse. As a result of bone marrow transplantation, the body’s immunity was almost completely destroyed. Three fingers were infected with bacteria. In addition to the risk of losing his life, he was also in danger of losing his fingers. The doctor finally told his parents that they could no longer help the boy. So the boy was sent to a hospice home to die. The doctor said he won’t live for a few days.

In the hospice family, he continues to suffer the immense pain that only terminal cancer patients may experience. Before the hospice moved, he took a lot of painkillers. But no ordinary painkillers can help him. His parents began to look for something that could relieve the pain. They found marijuana. They make hemp oil by themselves and give their son hemp oil to heal his pain.

Half an hour after he was treated with cannabis oil, he felt much better. A month later, he accidentally discovered that his finger had recovered from a bacterial infection. After a year or so, he left the hospice home to complete his studies.

Deryn is now 17 years old. While staying in the hospice home, his mother did not disclose their treatment for cancer because they worried that the doctor would not allow the use of cannabis oil. Cannabis oil is illegal in the UK. But as far as today is concerned, parents told the public that they believed that cannabis oil was treating their son’s cancer.

Marijuana is not allowed in the United States. No one of the parents knew about these miracles. In the United States, many cancer patients use medical marijuana permitted in approximately 16 states to relieve pain. The US federal government prohibits the use of medical marijuana.

The potential anti-cancer activity of hemp oil is not news for a long time. Many cancer patients and alternative doctors know it. Many research reports indicate that this miracle plant may be used as an anti-cancer treatment.


名叫Deryn Blackwell的男孩在三年前在四年的癌症治疗失败后等待死亡。他的癌症在2010年被诊断。那时他10岁。他接受了各种放射治疗和化疗。但没有什么可以阻止这些疾病。最后,癌症转移到了骨髓。所以医生三​​次进行骨髓移植,但都没有治愈这些疾病。




Deryn现在17岁。在临终关怀居所逗留期间,他的母亲没有透露他们治疗癌症的方法,因为他们担心医生不会允许使用大麻油。 大麻油在英国是非法的。但就今天而言,父母告诉公众,他们认为是大麻油治疗儿子癌症的。


大麻油的潜在抗癌活性早不是新闻了。 许多癌症患者和替代医生都知道它。许多研究报告表明,这个奇迹植物可能被用作抗癌治疗。

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