How Ivonne Healed Lymphoma with Fasting and a Plant Based Diet Ivonne 如何通過禁食和植物性飲食治愈淋巴瘤

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This lady was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and was able to cure her cancer by water fasting and following a plant-based diet.

So how could she knows that she could defeat her cancer in this non-conventional way. All we can say is that she started with her faith. Based on her background and intuition, she pursued this simple treatment.

A 21-day waster fasting shrunk her tumors significantly even though not completely. Eventually with multiple rounds of water fasting her cancer disappeared completely.  When it comes to her diet, an interesting concept that should get our attention is  that she avoid three food components which are salt, oil, and sugar.  These food ingredients are the basics for all processed foods and they are not healthy.

Lymphoma is the tumor that may be easiest to cure. We know that some patients got rid of the cancer by simply following a plant-based diet.

She posted her story here.


所以她怎麼知道她可以用這種非常規的方式戰勝她的癌症。 我們只能說,她是從信仰開始的。 基於她的背景和直覺,她追求這種簡單的治療。

為期 21 天的絕食使她的腫瘤顯著縮小,但並未完全縮小。 最終,通過多輪禁食,她的癌症完全消失了。 在談到她的飲食時,一個應該引起我們注意的有趣概念是,她避免食用鹽、油和糖這三種食物成分。 這些食品成分是所有加工食品的基礎,它們並不健康。

淋巴瘤可能是最容易治癒的腫瘤。 我們知道一些患者僅僅通過植物性飲食就擺脫了癌症。

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