Report: Fenbendazole effective at treating cancer | 報告:芬苯達唑可有效治療各種癌症

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Report: Fenbendazole effective at treating cancer

July 2, 2023 Sunday ( — A review report published in 2021 in the medical journal Clinical Oncology: Case reports suggests that fenbendazole, an anthelmintic medication commonly used to treat dogs, appears to be highly effective at treating cancer.

The review by researchers from Stanford University and University of Washington is based on three cases, one renal cancer two urinary tract cancer that were treated with fenbendazole.

The researchers concluded that Fenbendazole “appears to be a potentially safe and effective antineoplastic agent that can be repurposed for human use in treating genitourinary malignancies.”

Note that this report does not cover other types of cancer such as lung cancer, breast cancer, ovary cancer, colon cancer, bone cancer, melanoma, prostate cancer, brain cancer, pancreatic cancer which have been reportedly cured with fenbendazole.

Two brands of fenbendazole that may be used to cure cancer are Panacur C and Safe-Guard made by Merck for dogs and horses.

The fenbendazole-based protocol circulated on the internet has originated from Joe Tippens who used Panacur C and some other supplements to have eliminated his small cell lung cancer.  Mr. Tippens is still taking this pet medicine even though he has been cancer free by now for seven years.


2021 年發表在醫學雜誌《臨床腫瘤學:病例報告》上的一篇評論報告表明,芬苯達唑(一種常用於治療狗的驅蟲藥)似乎對治療癌症非常有效。




兩個可用於治療癌症的芬苯達唑品牌是默克公司為狗和馬生產的 Panacur C 和 Safe-Guard。

網上流傳的基於芬苯達唑的方案源自 Joe Tippens,他使用 Panacur C 和其他一些補充劑消除了小細胞肺癌。 儘管蒂彭斯先生已經沒有癌症七年了,但他仍在服用這種寵物藥。

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