Covid 19 vaccines more dangerous than coronavirus itself Covid 19種疫苗比冠狀病毒本身更危險


Friday March 5, 2021 ( – You gotta believe it. Covid 19 mRNA vaccines are not only ineffective but also can pose a life-threatening risk for those who have received the vaccines.

News broke that out of thirty-five nuns from the Benedictine Sisters of St. Walburg in Kentucky who were vaccinated earlier this month in an effort to prevent covid-19 inflection, 28 got infected with coronavirus and two of them died.

After inoculated with mRNA vaccines, “Twenty-eight sisters tested positive for COVID-19,” Sister Aileen Bankemper, the convent’s prioress reported in a Facebook post.

Bankemper said 28 patients were treated with monoclonal antibodies [antibody infusions] through St. Elizabeth’s Senior Services and symptoms were well managed.

However, two out of the 28 patients, Sisters Charles Wolking and Rita Biltz, died two days after vaccination. Neither showed any symptoms prior to their deaths. They did not test positive for the virus before vaccinated.

Sub-prioress Nancy Kordenbrok explained that “Both of them were elderly and had some health issues and were not able to compete with Covid.”

A third sister, Margaret Mary Gough, contracted the viral infection quickly after receiving her first dose of the vaccine and sought emergency care at St. Elizabeth Fort Thomas Hospital to treat respiratory problems induced by the coronavirus.

Initial signs were encouraging and indicated that she could make it. But without any prior warning signs, she died on Feb 10 from complications of covid 19, according to the hospital where she died.

This report shows that the death rate in the vaccinated cohort is about 10% a few days after vaccination, which is far much higher than the mortality rate for covid 19.

More details reported here.

你一定要相信。 Covid 19 mRNA疫苗不僅無效,而且可能給接種疫苗的人帶來危及生命的風險。


修道院女主持人艾琳·班肯珀(Aileen Bankemper)姐姐在Facebook帖子中報導說,在接種了mRNA疫苗後,“二十八個姐妹的COVID-19測試呈陽性。”


但是,在28名患者中,有2名是查爾斯·沃爾金姐妹和麗塔·比爾茲姐妹,在接種疫苗後兩天死亡。他們死前均未顯示任何症狀。在接種疫苗之前,他們測試了covi 19顯示陰性. 也就是說,在接種疫苗之前,他們沒有感染過covid 19.

次要女皇南希·科登布羅克(Nancy Kordenbrok)解釋說:“他們倆都是老人,有一些健康問題,無法與Covid競爭。”

第三個姐姐瑪格麗特·瑪麗·高夫(Margaret Mary Gough)在接受第一劑疫苗後迅速感染了病毒,並在聖伊麗莎白堡·托馬斯醫院尋求急診,以治療由冠狀病毒引起的呼吸道疾病。

最初的跡象令人鼓舞,並表明她可以恢復。但據她去世的醫院稱,在沒有任何事先警告的情況下, 她於2月10日死於covid 19並發症。

該報告顯示,接種疫苗後幾天,該人群的死亡率約為10%,遠高於covid 19的死亡率。

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