95% of severe patients in Israeli hospitals are vaccinated, warns doctor 医生警告说,以色列医院 95% 的重症患者都接种了疫苗

Editor’s note:  All vaccinated people can serve as incubators for the covid 19 virus to mutate to become a much more lethal variant.  Mutation often occur when the environment cannot overwhelmingly kill the virus, instead provide some “stress” in which the virus knows that it needs to mutate to survive.  Vaccines in this case create such an environment- weak enough not to kill the virus, but resistant enough to stimulate the virus to mutate.  That is why some world-top microbiologists are worried about the global mass vaccination and they believe that with this vaccination momentum in place, chances are good for the virus to mutate to become a kill-all biological weapon.

When the covid 19 virus invades the unvaccinated people, the response is violent so much so that the self-defensive immunity against the virus can actually cause backfire and injure many tissues and organs of the host.  That is why some weak people die from the covid 19 infection (flu can kill some weak people too). But the virus has less a chance to mutate.  Also the number of people naturally infected are much fewer than the number of vaccinated people.   So the unvaccinated are less contributory to the mutation risk.

The mass vaccination can do a disservice to the humanity.  When a more lethal virus forms, only a small wealthy people might survive because they can survive in an isolated environment without worrying about income, housing, and foods – all the life necessity.  This would be something that those who want to de-populate the world would like to see.

Too bad.  The majority of people are not scientifically knowledgeable enough to realize the danger.  For those who have some basic biological knowledge, this is some common sense.

It is not the curiosity but stupidity kills the cat.

编者注:所有接种疫苗的人都可以作为 covid 19 病毒变异成为更致命的变种的孵化器。当环境不能压倒性地杀死病毒时,通常会发生突变,而是提供一些“压力”,让病毒知道它需要变异才能生存。在这种情况下,疫苗创造了这样一个环境——弱到不能杀死病毒,但有足够的抵抗力来刺激病毒发生变异。这就是为什么一些世界顶级微生物学家对全球大规模疫苗接种感到担忧的原因,他们认为,随着这种疫苗接种势头到位,病毒很有可能发生变异,成为一种杀死所有生物的生物武器。

当covid 19病毒侵入未接种疫苗的人群时,反应非常剧烈,以至于针对病毒的自卫免疫实际上会适得其反,并伤害宿主的许多组织和器官。这就是为什么一些虚弱的人会死于 covid 19 感染(流感也可以杀死一些虚弱的人)。但病毒变异的机会较小。此外,自然感染的人数远少于接种疫苗的人数,




(Natural News) Israel has become one of the most tyrannical nations, forcing vaccination on its citizens. As of July 4th, more than 78 percent of Israelis eligible for COVID-19 vaccination were inoculated. Despite having one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, Israel has seen a gradual uptick in severe coronavirus cases throughout July and the first week of August. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control even added Israel to its highest risk level, advising U.S. citizens to avoid travel to one of the most vaccinated regions in the world.

Now, an Israeli doctor is breaking ranks with his colleagues and coming clean about the current medical situation in the country. Dr. Kobi Haviv spoke to News Israel 13 with specific details about the rise in hospitalizations across Israel. “I understand that most of the patients are vaccinated, even ‘severe’ patients,” said Dr. Kobi Haviv.

He reports that 95 percent of the severe patients have had at least one dose of the vaccine. He says “85-90% of the hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people.” He warns that “the effectiveness of the vaccine is waning/fading out” and forcing hospitals to open up more COVID wards to deal with severe illness.

Pfizer vaccine failing in Israel, weakening the population, mutating coronaviruses

The Israeli Health Ministry now admits that the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine has fallen to a meaningless 39 percent, as more vaccinated people fall ill. The vaccine is weakening the population, putting selective pressure on specific coronavirus spike proteins, causing more infectious mutations to spread.

Instead of scrapping the vaccine program, Israel has decided to expand it, coercing citizens to get a third dose. It won’t be long before a fourth and fifth dose are also “required” in order to prove one’s immunity, with seasonal or even monthly booster shots pushed onto the population as a prerequisite to their freedom.

Before the vaccine rollout, Pfizer worked out a deal with the Israeli government. Pfizer agreed to provide accelerated access their vaccine supply in exchange for legal immunity and demographic data on vaccinated people. These mass vaccination deals are turning out to be fatal mass experiments, as vaccines only confer protection for a couple months, putting the population at increased risk to infection long term. This serious scientific matter is exacerbated by the side effects of the vaccine, which range from blindness to blood clots to seizures or death.

The same phenomenon is occurring in Singapore, where 75 percent of new cases and 35 percent of new hospitalizations are occurring in people who are fully vaccinated. In Gibraltar, covid cases have increased by 2,500 percent per day, despite the nation having a 99 percent vaccination rate. In Sydney, Australia, government health officials announced in late July that nearly all new COVID hospitalizations involved vaccinated people – except one. In the US, vaccinated people were getting sick at such a high rate, the CDC had to dial back the amplification cycles used in the fraudulent covid tests to artificially lower the number of reported covid cases in the vaccinated.

Israel is a genocidal apartheid

Israel managed to vaccinate most of its population by suspending civil liberties and forcing citizens to furnish a digital vaccine passport called Green Pass. This vaccine passport is used to segregate the unvaccinated, banning them from cultural and sporting events, gyms, restaurants and dining halls, conferences, tourist attractions and houses of worship. Israel’s Green Pass is akin to modern day “slave papers.” Israel no longer abides by any set of medical standards or ethics. Informed consent has been replaced with medical rape. Israelis’ no longer have body autonomy or medical privacy. Their bodies and their minds now belong to the vaccine industry and the government.

With the rise in severe covid cases and hospitalization, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s office began enforcing the Green Pass program more strictly on July 29th. Apparently, the Israel government wants to make sure that more people are weakened, hospitalized and killed as spike protein bioweapons are forcibly replicated in people’s bodies. As such, Israel has been reduced to a genocidal Apartheid, hellbent on persecution and depopulation.

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