Alarming study confirms vaxxers will face catastrophic Antibody Dependent Enhancement injuries and deaths 令人震驚的研究證實,疫苗接種者將面臨災難性的抗體依賴增強傷害和死亡

(Natural News) For over a year, intensive research conducted by health experts like Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has brought to light increasing concerns about “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” (ADE), a phenomenon where vaccines make the disease far worse by priming the immune system for a potentially deadly overreaction. Also called a “hyperinflammatory response” to subsequent infections, ADE is well known to occur with coronavirus vaccines that have been tested in animal experiments. The big question has been whether it will emerge in the 2.4 billion people who have now been vaccinated around the world.

According to, 31.7% of the world population has been vaccinated with one or more covid vaccines. That’s about 2.4 billion people.

In the United States, according to the CDC, 199 million people have been vaccinated with at least one dose.

Notably, all the 2.4 billion people who took this vaccine around the world have taken an unproven, deadly, experimental medical intervention that was intentionally formulated to contain spike protein biological weapons, or in the case of mRNA vaccines, instructions for the body’s own cells to manufacture those spike protein bioweapons. Thus, the depopulation globalists pushing this vaccine genocide have managed to inject about one-third of the world’s human population with biological weapons that are well known to cause injury and death.

Yet the question remains: Just how many of these people will die from vaccine adverse events, including ADE?

A new science paper published in the Journal of Infection appears to provide solid evidence that the vaccines being administered around the world will, without question, cause ADE effects in people when they are exposed to the Delta variant or potentially other coronavirus strains. The study is entitled, Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination?

Written from the point of view of conventional virology and epidemiology, it explains that while the current vaccines (based on the original Wuhan D615G strain) do provide some level of immunity against the original covid virus, they present an unfortunate side effect: The acceleration of “infection-enhancing antibodies” which overreact to Delta variant infections. What the paper is describing is classic ADE, meaning a hyperinflammatory reaction can kill the person as their “primed” immune system overreacts to new infections.

The study concludes, “ADE of delta variants is a potential risk for current vaccines,” and it goes on to explain the mechanism by which this ADE is emerging:

Using molecular modeling approaches, we show that enhancing antibodies have a higher affinity for Delta variants than for Wuhan/D614G NTDs. We show that enhancing antibodies reinforce the binding of the spike trimer to the host cell membrane by clamping the NTD to lipid raft microdomains… facilitating antibodies display a strikingly increased affinity. Thus, ADE may be a concern for people receiving vaccines based on the original Wuhan strain spike sequence (either mRNA or viral vectors).

The paper goes on to suggest that the original vaccines should be essentially scrapped, and replaced with new, “second generation” vaccines that are engineered to attack the antigen targets of the Delta variant.

Of course, by the time that is accomplished, a new variant will be circulating and threatening the very same people, given that vaccinating people during a period of widespread virus circulation is effectively providing viral evolutionary pressures that cause new, vaccine-resistant strains to be produced in the bodies of those who are vaccinated (as Dr. Bossche has repeatedly warned). No matter how many vaccines are administered to the world’s population, the virus will always mutate to a new form, rendering those vaccines obsolete.

Only natural immunity — broad-spectrum, “generalized” immunity — can halt the cycle and stop the pandemic. Vaccines can never stop covid mutations, infections or transmission for the simple reason that vaccines can never see the future. Even the CDC admits they do not prevent infection or transmission, either.

Even if the vaccines stop right now, a billion people could die around the world in the next 36 months as vaccines take their toll

What’s crucial to understand is that even if the deadly covid vaccines are halted right now, with 2.4 billion people already injected, it is well within the realm of possibility that a billion or more people could die from ADE, spike protein vascular damage, “mad cow disease” from spike protein attacks on neurology, or other devastating effects caused by the covid vaccines.

In the United States alone, a 20% death rate among the vaccinated would spell about 40 million deaths, with most of the occurring in blue cities and states where left-leaning sheeple demonstrate high obedience to false authorities while volunteering their bodies for deadly medical experiments in the name of “science.” You may not have realized that virtually the entire Democrat party in the US has essentially volunteered to be post-vaccine organ donors, yet at the same time their organs will be colonized with spike protein nanoparticles, so no one will want their organs anyway.

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(自然新聞) 一年多來,像 Sherri Tenpenny 博士這樣的健康專家進行的深入研究揭示了人們對“抗體依賴性增強”(ADE) 的日益擔憂,這是一種疫苗通過啟動免疫系統而使疾病變得更糟的現象因為潛在的致命的過度反應。也被稱為對隨後感染的“過度炎症反應”,眾所周知,ADE 發生在已經在動物實驗中測試過的冠狀病毒疫苗中。最大的問題是,它是否會出現在目前全球已接種疫苗的 24 億人中。

根據 的數據,世界上 31.7% 的人口接種了一種或多種新冠病毒疫苗。這大約是 24 億人。

在美國,根據 CDC 的數據,已有 1.99 億人接種了至少一劑疫苗。

值得注意的是,全世界所有 24 億接種這種疫苗的人都採取了一種未經證實的、致命的、實驗性的醫學乾預措施,該干預措施被有意配製為含有刺突蛋白生物武器,或者在 mRNA 疫苗的情況下,指示人體自身細胞製造那些刺突蛋白生物武器。因此,推動這種疫苗種族滅絕的人口減少全球主義者已經成功地向世界上大約三分之一的人口注射了眾所周知會造成傷害和死亡的生物武器。

然而問題仍然存在:這些人中有多少會死於疫苗不良事件,包括 ADE?

發表在《感染雜誌》上的一篇新科學論文似乎提供了確鑿的證據,表明當人們接觸 Delta 變體或潛在的其他冠狀病毒株時,世界各地正在使用的疫苗無疑會導致 ADE 效應。該研究題為“感染增強型抗 SARS-CoV-2 抗體識別原始武漢/D614G 毒株和 Delta 變體”。大規模接種疫苗的潛在風險?

從傳統病毒學和流行病學的角度撰寫,它解釋說,雖然目前的疫苗(基於原始武漢 D615G 毒株)確實提供了對原始冠狀病毒的一定程度的免疫力,但它們存在一個不幸的副作用:對 Delta 變異感染反應過度的“感染增強抗體”。這篇論文所描述的是經典的 ADE,這意味著高炎症反應可以殺死人,因為他們的“準備好的”免疫系統對新的感染反應過度。

該研究得出結論,“delta 變體的 ADE 是當前疫苗的潛在風險”,並繼續解釋了這種 ADE 出現的機制:

使用分子建模方法,我們表明增強抗體對 Delta 變體的親和力高於武漢/D614G NTD。我們表明,增強抗體通過將 NTD 夾在脂筏微域上來增強刺突三聚體與宿主細胞膜的結合……促進抗體顯示出顯著增加的親和力。因此,對於接受基於原始武漢毒株刺突序列(mRNA 或病毒載體)的疫苗的人來說,ADE 可能是一個問題。

該論文繼續建議,最初的疫苗應該基本上報廢,取而代之的是新的“第二代”疫苗,這些疫苗旨在攻擊 Delta 變體的抗原靶標。

當然,到完成時,一種新的變種將傳播並威脅到同樣的人,因為在病毒廣泛傳播的時期為人們接種疫苗有效地提供了病毒進化壓力,導致新的疫苗抗性毒株出現在接種疫苗的人體內產生(正如 Bossche 博士一再警告的那樣)。無論世界人口接種了多少疫苗,病毒總會變異成一種新形式,從而使這些疫苗過時。

只有自然免疫——廣譜的、“普遍的”免疫——才能停止循環並阻止大流行。疫苗永遠無法阻止新冠病毒的突變、感染或傳播,原因很簡單,疫苗永遠看不到未來。甚至 CDC 也承認,他們也不能預防感染或傳播。

即使現在停止接種疫苗,在未來 36 個月內,全球也可能有 10 億人死亡,因為疫苗會造成人員傷亡

重要的是要了解,即使致命的新冠病毒疫苗現在已經停止,已經有 24 億人注射了疫苗,但仍有可能有 10 億或更多人死於 ADE、刺突蛋白血管損傷,“瘋了牛病”源於刺突蛋白對神經病學的攻擊,或由 Covid 疫苗引起的其他破壞性影響。

僅在美國,接種疫苗的人中 20% 的死亡率將意味著大約 4000 萬人死亡,其中大部分發生在藍色城市和州,在這些城市和州,左傾的羊群表現出對虛假當局的高度服從,同時志願服務他們以“科學”的名義為致命的醫學實驗而死。 你可能沒有意識到,美國幾乎整個民主黨基本上都自願成為疫苗接種後的器官捐獻者,但與此同時,他們的器官將被刺突蛋白納米粒子定植,所以無論如何都沒有人想要他們的器官。

在今天的 Situation Update 播客中獲取完整的詳細信息,其中還涵蓋了這方面的許多其他發展中的新聞項目:

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