Covid 19 vaccines do not protect against Omicron | Covid 19疫苗不能預防Omicron

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Omicron is very mild and most people who get infected do not even show up any symptoms.  Among those who did show symptoms, more than 90% were the vaccinated.

In India, Rajesh Bhushan, Minister of Health Department was cited as announcing that India had seen 358 cases out of which 114 recovered.

Among the infected. 70% were asymptomatic and 91% of the confirmed diagnosis had received at least two shots of covid 19 vaccines and only 7% of confirmed cases were unvaccinated.

In India right now, about 60.5% population has been vaccinated.  This means that the the distribution of Omicron among the vaccinated and the unvaccinated is uneven, indicating that the vaccinated are more likely to get infected with Omicron.

Doe the higher rate of Omicron infection suggest that the vaccination makes the vaccinated more susceptible to the infection?  May or may not be so, it remains unknown.

Theoretically, it is possible that the covid 19 vaccines sabotage the immunity of the vaccinated and make them more susceptible to the infection.

But there may be some other explanations.  For instance, the vaccinated people may think they are immunized against covid 19 original strain or other variants including Omicron so they do not practice as much caution as others so more of them catch Omicron.

In any case, the vaccines obviously do not protect the vaccinated against Omicron infection.

Omicron 非常溫和,大多數被感染的人甚至沒有出現任何症狀。在確實出現症狀的人中,超過 90% 是接種疫苗的人。

在印度,衛生部部長拉傑什·布尚 (Rajesh Bhushan) 宣布,印度已發現 358 例病例,其中 114 例已康復。

感染者之中。 70% 沒有症狀,91% 的確診病例至少接種了兩次 covid 19 疫苗,只有 7% 的確診病例未接種疫苗。

目前在印度,約有 60.5% 的人口接種了疫苗。這意味著 Omicron 在接種疫苗和未接種疫苗的人群中分佈不均,表明接種疫苗的人更容易感染 Omicron。

更高的 Omicron 感染率是否表明疫苗接種使接種疫苗的人更容易受到感染?可能是也可能不是,這仍然是未知的。

從理論上講,covid 19疫苗有可能破壞接種者的免疫力,使他們更容易受到感染。

但可能還有其他一些解釋。例如,接種疫苗的人可能認為他們對 covid 19 原始菌株或包括 Omicron 在內的其他變體進行了免疫,因此他們不像其他人那樣謹慎行事,因此更多的人感染了 Omicron。

無論如何,疫苗顯然不能保護接種疫苗的人免受 Omicron 感染




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