COVID Shot Home Visits Unconstitutional and Unethical COVID Shot Home訪問違憲和不道德

The Biden Administration has announced plans to send agents “door to door” in order to “get remaining Americans vaccinated, by ensuring they have the information they need on how both safe and accessible the vaccine is.”

A leaked script from the Lake County Health Department in Illinois tells the Community Health Ambassadors to keep track of the addresses and responses from residents in a “Doorknocking Spreadsheet.”

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) makes the following observations:

  • The U.S. Constitution provides no authority for the federal government to be involved in medicine, for example, by recommending, promoting, or mandating treatments.
  • If the Ambassador knows a person’s vaccination status, the government has already been collecting personal health data and sharing it with agents having nothing to do with the person’s care, a violation of the Fourth Amendment. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) will not protect you—it allows very broad disclosure to government officials.
  • States have the lawful authority to regulate the practice of medicine, but the Ambassadors are evidently not under any constraints regarding training, credentialing, documentation, or scope of practice, although they are collecting data and giving medical advice without supervision. Even medical assistants and medical scribes need to meet certain qualifications.
  • Ambassadors are promoting an experimental product, with no information on risks. Even if a product is FDA-approved, advertisers and medical professionals must divulge risks, such as heart inflammation, paralysis from Guillain-Barré or other causes, miscarriage, or death. Contrast the Ambassador’s script with the disclosures on a television ad for a drug, say one to treat your dog’s heartworm.

In the opinion of AAPS, this door-to-door solicitation violates the ethical principles of protecting confidentiality and informed consent. Health professionals need a patient’s implied consent even to be seen; they may not simply show up uninvited at a stranger’s home.

For both legal and ethical reasons, the program should be discontinued at once, AAPS states.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has represented physicians in all specialties since 1943. Its motto is omnia pro aegroto, everything for the patient.



美國醫師和外科醫生協會 (AAPS) 提出以下意見:

如果大使知道一個人的疫苗接種情況,政府已經在收集個人健康數據並與與該人的護理無關的代理人共享,這違反了第四修正案。健康保險流通與責任法案 (HIPAA) 不會保護您——它允許向政府官員非常廣泛地披露信息。


大使們正在宣傳一種實驗性產品,但沒有關於風險的信息。即使產品獲得 FDA 批准,廣告商和醫療專業人員也必須披露風險,例如心臟炎症、吉蘭-巴雷或其他原因導致的癱瘓、流產或死亡。將大使的劇本與電視廣告中披露的藥物進行對比,說一種治療狗的心絲蟲的藥物。

在 AAPS 看來,這種上門招攬違反了保護機密和知情同意的道德原則。衛生專業人員甚至需要患者的默示同意才能被看到;他們可能不會只是不請自來地出現在陌生人家中。

AAPS 表示,出於法律和道德原因,該計劃應立即停止。

自 1943 年以來,美國內科醫生和外科醫生協會一直代表所有專業的醫生。其座右銘是omnia pro aegroto,一切為了患者

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