DEPOPULATION ALERT: Shocking new study reveals covid vaccine TERMINATES 4 out of 5 pregnancies via “spontaneous abortions” 人口減少警報 令人震驚的新研究表明,新冠病毒疫苗會終止 5 次懷孕中的 4 次妊娠

(Natural News) A shocking new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that when pregnant women are given covid vaccinations during their first or second trimesters, they suffer an 82% spontaneous abortion rate, killing 4 out of 5 unborn babies.

This stunning finding, explained below, is self-evident from the data published in a new study entitled, “Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons.” Just as disturbing as the data is the fact that the study authors apparently sought to deliberately obfuscate the truth about vaccines causing spontaneous abortions by obfuscating numbers in their own calculations.

Originally brought to our attention by a Life Site News article, we checked with our own science contacts to review the data and double check all the math. In doing so, we were able to confirm two things:

  1. Yes, the study shows an 82% rate of spontaneous abortions in expectant mothers given covid vaccines during their first or second trimesters.
  2. Yes, the study authors either deliberately sought to hide this fact with dishonest obfuscation (explained below) or they are incompetent and made a glaring error that brings into question their credibility.

In other words, this study was almost certainly a cover-up to try to claim vaccinating pregnant women is perfectly safe. But the study data actually show quite the oppose.

Here’s how:

700 of the 827 women were vaccinated in the third trimester

Table 4 from the study, shown below, reveals that a total of 827 pregnant women were studied. Out of the 827 women, 700 of them received their first vaccine in their third trimester of pregnancy. This means 127 women (which is 827 – 700) received a vaccine during their first or second trimesters. (You have to read the fine print below the table to see this disclosure.)

Out of the 127 women receiving vaccines during their first or second trimesters, 104 spontaneous abortions occurred before their pregnancies hit the 20-week mark. These are indicated as “spontaneous abortions” in the table.

In simple math, 104 spontaneous abortions (during the first 20 weeks) out of 127 women who received vaccines in their first or second trimesters calculates to an 82% rate of spontaneous abortions among these pregnant women who were vaccinated.

It is important to note that deaths of unborn babies during the third trimester are known as “stillbirths” and not spontaneous abortions. Thus, the spontaneous abortions could not have possibly occurred in women vaccinated during their third trimester, by definition.

Thus, the study authors dishonestly used the wrong denominator of 827 in their “spontaneous abortions” calculation, when they should have used a denominator of 127, which is the number of women receiving vaccines during their first or second trimesters.

Put another way, it is impossible for a woman who was vaccinated for the first time during her third trimester to have a “spontaneous abortion” in the first 20 weeks, since they weren’t vaccinated during the first 20 weeks (and pregnant women aren’t time travelers). Thus, those women shouldn’t be included in the denominator used to calculate the spontaneous abortion rate.

The authors of this study should receive an award in the category of, “How to lie with statistics,” because they apparently tried to pull a sleight-of-hand trick to make it appear that vaccines are safe for pregnant women. In reality, they seem to be killing more than 4 out of 5 unborn babies in the first 20 weeks of gestation, at least in this data set. (It’s a small set of 127 pregnant women, so we’d like to see a larger review of many thousands of pregnancies in order to get a more clear picture.)

Apples and oranges, lemons and limes

A simple way to explain this with a metaphor is to imagine a bag of 50 lemons and 50 limes, with a science study asking the question, “What percentage of lemons are yellow?” The scientists count all the yellow fruit and reach the number 50. They mistakenly divide 50 into 100 because there are 100 total piece of fruit, then they declare, “50% of lemons are yellow” because it’s 50/100.

But the other 50 pieces of fruit can’t possibly be included because they’re limes, not lemons. So the correct math is 50/50, which means 100% of the lemons are yellow. That’s the correct answer.

In this science paper, they are using 827 as the denominator, even when 700 out of those 827 women were only vaccinated in the third trimester, which is long past the time window during which a “spontaneous abortion” can occur. And since pregnant women aren’t time travelers, they can’t go back in time and report a spontaneous abortion from months earlier.

If vaccine scientists either can’t do this basic math — or are willfully deceiving the world with dishonest obfuscation of the numbers — then “science” has already failed its core promise: to offer “evidence-based” conclusions to understand the world around us.

Yet when 4 out of 5 pregnant women lose their babies in the first 20 weeks, these scientists falsely claim the spontaneous abortion rate is only 12.6%. Why? Because they’re covering up the atrocities of the vaccine for political reasons, most likely.

In fact, the key author of the study, Tom T. Shimabukuro, is also named in numerous other studies that claim to document adverse reactions in various vaccines, ranging from rotavirus vaccines to the H1N1 vaccine from 2009. It raises the obvious question: Did Shimabukuro make the same error in other studies that concluded vaccines posed no significant risk of adverse events? For example, here’s another study he co-authored: “Adverse events after Fluzone ® Intradermal vaccine reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 2011-2013.”

That study concluded, “Review of VAERS reports did not identify any new or unexpected safety concerns after TIV-ID.”

But is that conclusion based on bad math, like the study on covid vaccines given to pregnant women? We call for a review of all his methods and conclusions. Perhaps this same study architect has made the same systematic error (or possibly a deliberate obfuscation) for many years, spanning many previous studies. It wouldn’t be the first time one author was found to have made systematic mistakes across dozens of papers and is forced to retract them.

And isn’t that what the “scientific method” demands? Peer review. Double checking the math. Admitting to mistakes in conclusions. This is how science progresses, by pointing out errors and demanding they be addressed and corrected. We can’t just accept bad math and call it “science” when the bad math doesn’t check out.

Spike protein injections into pregnant women an “atrocity,” warns Dr. Peter McCullough

In the mean time, it’s clear that 4 out of 5 pregnancies are being terminated by covid vaccines when those vaccines are given during the first 20 weeks (at least, according to the small data set we have so far). And that means the “depopulation” aspects of the covid vaccine are working exactly as globalists hoped they would.

Remember: Bio-distribution studies (pharmacokinetics) show that covid vaccine spike proteins directly attack reproductive organs such as the ovaries. Given that spike proteins are engineered biological weapons designed to interfere with human cells, it should be no surprise whatsoever that they are achieving a high rate of spontaneous abortions in pregnant women.

I recently interviewed Dr. Peter McCullough, an internal medicine expert and editor of two medical journals. Although he does not characterize this as a depopulation agenda, he agrees that these vaccines are attacking pregnant women and causing more than 80% of unborn babies to be aborted. He calls it an “atrocity” and says the pushing of these vaccines on pregnant women is “shameful.” You can hear him in his own words in the following interview:

All this means that live births may plummet by 3.2 million over the next year, in the USA alone, if every pregnant woman is vaccinated during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. The number of unborn babies being murdered in the womb, in this case, is reaching “holocaust” levels, which is why this is being called a medical “atrocity.”

The fields of medicine and science have turned against humanity. They are now killing babies by the millions and injecting adults with spike protein bioweapons that are causing strokes, heart attacks, deaths and lifelong injury.

The vaccine industry is at war with the human race. And live-born babies are their enemy. Joe Biden’s land management czar once characterized human children as an “environmental hazard.”

This is a war. A bioweapons attack. And it goes beyond mere “crimes against humanity.” It is a spiritual betrayal of the entire human race by the institutions of science and medicine, both of which long pretended to be motivated by a desire to aid humanity, but are now clearly shown to be working towards humanity’s destruction.

Learn more in today’s mind-opening Situation Update podcast:

(自然新聞)發表在《新英格蘭醫學雜誌》上的一項令人震驚的新研究表明,當孕婦在孕早期或孕中期接種 COVID 疫苗時,她們的自然流產率為 82%,導致 5 個未出生嬰兒中有 4 個死亡。

下文解釋的這一驚人發現從一項題為“孕婦 mRNA Covid-19 疫苗安全性的初步發現”的新研究中公佈的數據中不言而喻。與數據一樣令人不安的是,研究作者顯然試圖通過在他們自己的計算中混淆數字來故意混淆有關疫苗導致自然流產的真相。

最初是由 Life Site News 的一篇文章引起我們的注意,我們與自己的科學聯繫人核對以查看數據並仔細檢查所有數學。通過這樣做,我們能夠確認兩件事:

是的,該研究表明,在懷孕的頭三個月或中期,接種新冠病毒疫苗的孕婦自然流產率為 82%。



827 名婦女中有 700 人在妊娠晚期接種了疫苗

下面顯示的研究表 4 顯示,總共研究了 827 名孕婦。在 827 名婦女中,有 700 人在懷孕的第三個三個月接種了第一次疫苗。這意味著 127 名女性(827 – 700 名)在妊娠早期或中期接種了疫苗。 (您必須閱讀表格下方的細則才能看到此披露。)

在頭三個月或中期接受疫苗的 127 名婦女中,有 104 名在懷孕達到 20 週之前發生了自然流產。這些在表中表示為“自然流產”。

用簡單的數學計算,127 名在妊娠早期或中期接種疫苗的婦女中有 104 次自然流產(在前 20 週內),計算出這些接種疫苗的孕婦的自然流產率為 82%。


因此,研究作者在他們的“自然流產”計算中不誠實地使用了錯誤的分母 827,而他們本應使用 127 的分母,即在妊娠早期或中期接種疫苗的婦女人數。

換句話說,在孕晚期第一次接種疫苗的女性不可能在前 20 週內“自然流產”,因為她們在前 20 週內沒有接種疫苗(孕婦是’不是時間旅行者)。因此,這些女性不應被包括在用於計算自然流產率的分母中。

這項研究的作者應該獲得“如何用統計數據撒謊”類別的獎項,因為他們顯然試圖利用一些技巧來使疫苗看起來對孕婦是安全的。實際上,至少在這個數據集中,它們似乎在懷孕的前 20 週內殺死了 5 個未出生嬰兒中的 4 個以上。 (這是一小部分 127 名孕婦,因此我們希望看到對數千次懷孕進行更大規模的審查,以便獲得更清晰的圖片。)


用比喻來解釋這一點的一個簡單方法是想像一袋 50 個檸檬和 50 個酸橙,一項科學研究提出了這樣一個問題:“檸檬有多少百分比是黃色的?”科學家們數完所有的黃色水果,結果是 50。他們錯誤地將 50 分為 100,因為總共有 100 個水果,然後他們宣布“50% 的檸檬是黃色的”,因為它是 50/100。

但其他 50 件水果不可能包括在內,因為它們是酸橙,而不是檸檬。所以正確的數學是 50/50,這意味著 100% 的檸檬是黃色的。這就是正確答案。

在這篇科學論文中,他們使用 827 作為分母,即使這 827 名女性中有 700 名僅在妊娠晚期接種疫苗,這已經遠遠超過了可能發生“自然流產”的時間窗口。而且由於孕婦不是時間旅行者,她們無法回到過去並報告幾個月前的自然流產。


然而,當五分之四的孕婦在頭 20 週內失去嬰兒時,這些科學家錯誤地聲稱自然流產率僅為 12.6%。為什麼?因為他們很可能出於政治原因掩蓋了疫苗的暴行。

事實上,該研究的主要作者 Tom T. Shimabukuro 也在許多其他研究中被提名,這些研究聲稱記錄了各種疫苗的不良反應,從輪狀病毒疫苗到 2009 年的 H1N1 疫苗。它提出了一個顯而易見的問題: Shimabukuro 在其他研究中犯了同樣的錯誤,得出的結論是疫苗不會造成顯著的不良事件風險?例如,這是他與人合著的另一項研究:“2011-2013 年向疫苗不良事件報告系統 (VAERS) 報告了 Fluzone ® 皮內疫苗後的不良事件。”

該研究得出結論,“對 VAERS 報告的審查未發現 TIV-ID 後任何新的或意外的安全問題。”



Peter McCullough 博士警告稱,向孕婦注射尖峰蛋白是一種“暴行”

與此同時,很明顯,當在前 20 週內接種這些疫苗時,五分之四的懷孕被終止了(至少,根據我們迄今為止的小數據集)。這意味著新冠病毒疫苗的“人口減少”方面正像全球主義者希望的那樣發揮作用。

請記住:生物分佈研究(藥代動力學)表明,covid 疫苗刺突蛋白直接攻擊卵巢等生殖器官。鑑於刺突蛋白是旨在干擾人體細胞的工程生物武器,因此它們在孕婦中實現高自然流產率也就不足為奇了。

我最近採訪了內科專家兼兩家醫學期刊的編輯 Peter McCullough 博士。儘管他沒有將此描述為人口減少議程,但他同意這些疫苗正在攻擊孕婦並導致超過 80% 的未出生嬰兒流產。他稱其為“暴行”,並表示向孕婦推銷這些疫苗是“可恥的”。您可以在以下採訪中用他自己的話聽到他的聲音:

所有這些都意味著,如果每個孕婦在懷孕的前 20 週內接種疫苗,那麼僅在美國,明年活產嬰兒就可能減少 320 萬。在這種情況下,在子宮內被謀殺的未出生嬰兒的數量達到了“大屠殺”的水平,這就是為什麼這被稱為醫學“暴行”的原因。




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